From deterring would-be offenders to solving cases, criminal justice professionals work in a dynamic, growing and evolving field that needs a constant influx of well-trained leaders who can not only enforce the law, but also effect changes to keep the public safe.

Program Overview

Peter Cunniff Criminal Justice '15 is making an impact locally as a Lieutenant for the Seymour, Connecticut Ambulance Association

In the community

Peter Cunniff Criminal Justice '15 is making an impact locally as a Lieutenant for the Seymour, Connecticut Ambulance Association

This major explores every dimension of criminal justice, from the sociological causes that lead to crime to the evaluation of specific public policies and their effectiveness. We prepare you for a career in law enforcement, social work, international peacekeeping and other related areas.

You’ll study criminal behavior, sexual violence and issues of fairness in the legal and criminal justice systems. You also learn about investigative techniques, new technological developments in forensics and modern threats such as cybercrime, which has become a global problem.

Real-world experience is essential, and our full-time internship coordinator helps you find an internship that matches your interests and gives you the necessary experience to reach your career goals. Our criminal justice majors have interned with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, the Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance and Connecticut’s witness protection program, among others.

Curriculum and Requirements

Criminal Justice Curriculum

In addition to the University Curriculum and the College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum requirements, students majoring in Criminal Justice must meet the following requirements for graduation:

Criminal Justice Core Requirements
CJ 101Crime and Society3
SO 101Introduction to Sociology3
CJ 205From College to Career (SO/GT 205)1
SO 241Sociology of Race and Ethnicity3
CJ 241Police and Policing3
CJ 261Prisons and Jails3
CJ 290Criminal Justice Research Methods3
CJ 392Internship in the Community3
CJ 385Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice Policy3
Select one of the following crime typologies options:3
CJ 232
Women in the Criminal Justice System (SO/WS 232) (course cross-listed)
CJ 240
Organized Crime
CJ 250
Youth Crime (SO 250)
CJ 253
Sexual Violence
CJ 271
Public Order Crimes (SO 271)
Select one of the following criminal justice in practice options:3
LE 225
Alternative Dispute Resolution
CJ 243
Investigative Techniques
CJ 251
Probation Parole and Community Corrections
PS 283
Introduction to Forensic Psychology
CJ 299
Independent Study in Criminal Justice 1
Select two of the following advanced elective options:6
CJ 320
CJ 330
Perspectives on Violence (SO 330)
CJ 333
Drugs, Alcohol and Society (SO 333)
CJ 343
Forensic Issues in Law Enforcement
CJ 355
Crime and Media (SO 355)
SO 360
Sociology of Mental Illness
CJ 370
Constitution, Ethics and Policing
CJ 394
Advanced Internship in the Community
CJ 399
Independent Study in Criminal Justice
Total Credits37

Can count as either a crime typologies or criminal justice in practice option.

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