Program Overview

Philosophy has influenced every major pillar of modern society from art and religion to science and government. While exploring that rich history, we teach you to think critically, write persuasively and craft a well-reasoned argument—all skills that are highly valued by employers.

You learn about logic, ethics and the various philosophies of different cultures, and you examine the great economic, ethical and political problems of our time and how we might solve them. The research and analytical skills you develop prepare you to pursue a career as a lawyer, business leader, teacher and much more.

Studying philosophy trains a mind to be nimble and versatile, which is why philosophy majors find success in the professional world. Of all the humanities, philosophy majors are the highest earners. And they outperform almost every other major on the LSAT, score highest overall on the GRE and, on average, rank better on the GMAT than people who majored in business, social sciences, all the other humanities and the arts.