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Minor in Game Design and Development

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Minor Overview

This minor delves into the practice of designing games—from basic board and card games to digital games, physical games and more. You’ll examine the theories behind game play, study the social effects of games, and understand the role of serious games for teaching and learning. You will learn fundamental principles and concepts, and develop specialized technical skills for designing games. 

The program uses individual and team projects to examine different game genres, game mechanics and playability, sound, level and interface design. You will acquire the expertise to define and develop game concepts, use storyboarding to develop game mechanics and build the game assets. A unique feature of the program is the game lab where students come together in interdisciplinary teams to build game prototypes.

Curriculum and Requirements

Game Design and Development Minor Curriculum

Minor Core Requirements
GDD 101Introduction to Game Design3
GDD 110Introduction to Visual Design for Games3
GDD 200Introduction to Game Development3
GDD 210Game Lab I: Team Projects3
GDD 211Game Lab II: Team Projects3
Minor Electives
Select at least one course from the following list in consultation with the program director. Minors are encouraged to take additional courses as free electives outside their major at the 300-400 level. 13
GDD 310
Game Lab III: Team
GDD 311
Game Lab IV: Team Projects
GDD 394
History of Video Games
GDD 395
Critical Game Studies Seminar (PL 395)
GDD 396
Games, Learning & Society
GDD 495
Senior Project and Seminar I
Total Credits18

Substitutions to this list are permitted with prior approval of the program director.

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