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We are driven by the knowledge that entrepreneurship is not limited to business studies, and that ideas for growth and opportunity come from all academic areas of the university and all sectors of society. The result is students who are better equipped to lead us into the best future world possible.

What We Do

Students sift through clothing at Al’s Articles, a sustainable clothing business owned by Allison Demirjian. Al’s Articles is dedicated to “spreading secondhand love through unique, vintage-to-modern, hand-picked pieces,” Demirjian said. “Quinnipiac’s entrepreneurship class really helped me take my business model to the next level by mapping out the different aspects of Al’s Articles.” 

The resources to turn your dreams into reality

The M&T Bank Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a versatile and collaborative incubator for students, staff and faculty across all of Quinnipiac’s academic disciplines to pursue their entrepreneurial ventures. We provide advisory services and workshops in legal, finance, research, marketing, design, business plan development and start-up mentoring for all types of innovative business, social, sustainable and artistic ventures. We accomplish this by catalyzing students and faculty from all disciplines and backgrounds to help promising entrepreneurs learn ways to turn their ideas into practical use.

We support faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, alumni mentors and other internal and external partners of the university. Our relationships with successful entrepreneurs and business owners outside the QU community enable us to connect our students with the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region and country and enhance the economic development provided by small to mid-sized businesses that are fundamental to a successful economy.

Join Us at an Upcoming Event

Holiday Pop Up Shop for Student Run Businesses

December 6, 2022

10:00 AM - 3:30 PM (ET)

Carl Hansen Student Center SC 120

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Holiday Pop-Up Shop

December 6, 2022

10:00 AM - 3:30 PM (ET)

Carl Hansen Student Center SC 114A Organization Table A

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QU Pitch Competition Reception

April 19, 2023

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (ET)

Lender School of Business SB 109 Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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2023 QU Pitch Competition

April 19, 2023

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (ET)

Communications, Computing, and Engineering CCE 101 Mt. Carmel Auditorium

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Grand Opening of the Innovation Hub

Quinnipiac community members at the opening of the Innovation Hub.

Quinnipiac’s entrepreneurs have a brand new space to gather, share ideas and make their professional dreams come to life.

Students, faculty and administrators celebrated the grand opening of the Quinnipiac Innovation Hub on Friday, April 29.

The space provides students with a uniquely collaborative and interdisciplinary opportunity by bringing together the university’s innovation ecosystem. It is intended to serve as a runway to the future workplaces and jobs, a place where students work with their peers from different backgrounds and interests toward a common goal.

The Innovation Hub is not only for business school students, it is a space for all students to come together to collaborate.

“We have always wanted an innovation space where students could meet and work on projects related to ideas and turning those ideas into businesses. Our previous space was a classroom, so the idea of the hub was to make it warm and inviting. A comfortable place to sit and work,” said Patrice Luoma, professor of entrepreneurship and strategy and director of the M&T Bank Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

“The effort to create this new space demonstrates that Quinnipiac is serious about supporting innovation and entrepreneurship,” Luoma said. “Quinnipiac is investing in the student body to help them explore ideas, collaborate with students from other disciplines and provide unique opportunities within the university.”

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2022 Pitch Competition

Two students present their pitch at the 2022 People's United Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Pitch Competition.

A network of ideas across all fields of study

The M&T Bank Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Pitch Competition continues to serve as a highlight of the year, as students from all disciplines across campus presented their business ideas in an effort to win prize money. The amount of money awarded to finalists has more than doubled since 2019, with contestants having the opportunity to earn up to $3,000 this year.

Each of our five finalists had five minutes to describe their business, providing an overview of the fundamental concept before diving into market analysis, competitive landscape and revenue projections. The presenters then fielded questions from audience members and our judges, composed of Daniela Alpert, co-founder of Shift Moving, Marcus De Vito, director of advanced planning at National Financial Network and Debra Liebowitz, Quinnipiac University’s very own provost. Ultimately, each of the five finalists took home more than $2,000 for their efforts, with the top finisher — Eat Well Be Well — earning an impressive $2,900 from our panel. 

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Watch the recording of our 2022 Pitch Competition

Past Event Details

The M&T Bank Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship holds events throughout the year designed to create a vibrant, entrepreneurial, on-campus community, provide inspiration for Quinnipiac entrepreneurs (faculty, staff and students) and share information that will assist budding innovators in attaining their goals.

Grand Opening of the Innovation Hub

April 29, 2022, Mount Carmel Campus
The launch of the new space for the Innovation Hub also featured an overview of opportunities for innovators and entrepreneurs to pursue across campus. Faculty, staff, administrators, fellows, alumni, business owners and corporate partners joined together with participants from our recent pitch competition to celebrate the occasion. Provost Debra Liebowitz kicked off the event with an introduction to the evolution and design of the hub concept with Patrice Luoma, director of the M&T Bank Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, sharing highlights of the year’s events.

Student Business Pop-Up Shop

April 20, 2022, Mount Carmel Campus
The Student Business Pop-Up Shop highlighted a variety of student-run businesses on campus and gave business owners the opportunity to share and sell their products to fellow students, faculty and staff. This event was held on the quad in coordination with student affairs faculty and staff.

2022 Pitch Competition

April 7, 2022, Mount Carmel Campus
The M&T Bank Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Pitch Competition was a highlight of our year, as students from all disciplines across campus presented their business ideas in an effort to win up to $3,000 in prize money. Each of our finalists had five minutes to describe their business, providing an overview of the fundamental concept before diving into market analysis, competitive landscape and revenue projections. Finalists presented ideas pertaining to health and nutrition, campus car safety, boat rentals, ski and snowboard platforms and hair care products, winning a total of over $12,000 in prize money to further their business ideas. Due to exponential growth in success and overall support, potential prize money for participating students has more than doubled since past competitions in 2021 and 2019.

Watch the 2022 Pitch Competition

An Evening of Magic & Entrepreneurship Featuring TJ Salta

March 31, 2022, On the Rocks Pub
TJ Salta, a third-year entrepreneurship major in the 3+1 program and a professional magician, performed a show at the On the Rocks Pub on our York Hill Campus before embarking on a one-year tour in Las Vegas. Renowned for his passionate and charismatic style, TJ Salta has performed from NY to LA and quickly earned recognition a rising talent. TJ was recently hired to perform as the close-up magician for ‘Mad Apple’ — Cirque du Soleil’s newest show in Las Vegas.

Student Business Pop-Up Shop

March 9, 2022, Carl Hansen Student Center, Mount Carmel Campus
The Student Business Pop-Up Shop highlighted a variety of student-run businesses on campus and gave business owners the opportunity to share and sell their products to fellow students, faculty and staff.

Presenting to Executives with Scott Rosen

February 10, 2022, Webinar
From the conference floor to the board room, making a good presentation is an essential skill for any leader or entrepreneur. Students had the opportunity to learn from Wall Street veteran, Scott Rosen, as he shared well-practiced tips on handling stress and fear of being the center of attention, and how to communicate your ideas confidently under pressure.

The Cannabis Industry: Opportunities for Employment and Startups

December 9, 2021, Webinar
Students were able to join Leah Bailey, Chief Business Development Officer for AUSA, a publicly-traded multi-state cannabis company, and John Volkmann, Vice President of Marketplace at Eaze Technologies, California's largest cannabis delivery business to discuss opportunities and startups within the cannabis industry.

Launchpad Competition

December 7, 2021, Rocky Top Student Center
The Schools of Business and Communications presented the Quinnipiac Launchpad Competition. Similar to the hit show “Shark Tank,” this live, virtual event gave viewers and participants the chance to decide which business to launch to the next level. With cash prizes on the line, student finalists from the Fall 2021 Digital Business/Entrepreneurial Media (ENT 290*) course went head-to-head to win it all.

Student Business Pop-Up Shop

December 2021, Mount Carmel Campus
The Student Business Pop-Up Shop highlighted a variety of student-run businesses on campus. Students had the opportunity to support a clothing up-cycler, glassware curator, and even rent boats!

Women Entrepreneurship Week

In celebration of the Women Entrepreneurship Week 2021, the M&T Bank United Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the M&T Bank Center for Women and Business co-hosted a panel discussion featuring Quinnipiac women student entrepreneurs who discussed various phases of their entrepreneurial journey and what it takes to be your own boss.

The panel included Isabella Dias, founder of Beijo by Bella; Dena Dupree, a founder of NailTique; McKenna Haz, founder of SEAAV Athletics; and Kallie Purdue, a founder of Refashion. It was moderated by Patrice Luoma, director of the M&T Bank Centers at Quinnipiac.

Read more about Women Entrepreneurship Week

Student Leaders Network with Advisory Council Members

October 21, 2021, On The Rocks Pub & Grill, York Hill Campus
The M&T Bank Center for Women and Business and M&T Bank Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship co-hosted a networking event for School of Business student leaders to meet the Advisory Councils, Steering Committee, and Faculty Fellows.

2021 Pitch Competition

April 21, 2021, Virtual
The M&T Bank Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship held its annual Pitch Competition. This competition helps students transform ideas into reality and take their business to the next level. Cash prizes totaling $6,000 are awarded to help get ideas off the ground.

Watch the 2021 Pitch Competition

2021 Pre-Pitch Competition

April 14, 2021, Virtual
In preparation for the 2021 Pitch Competition, the finalists had the opportunity to get feedback on their presentations. The teams were given 10 minutes to present with time after for the judges to ask questions.

Watch the 2021 Pre-Pitch Competition

2020 Spring Speaker Series

The lineup for the virtual 2020 Spring Speaker Series featured corporate innovators, entrepreneurs, Quinnipiac alumni, public and private sector support organizations and experts who focus on financing entrepreneurial startups.

Healthcare & Entrepreneurship

April 15, 2020
Mary Howard, Executive Director, ABCT
Donna Lecky, Co-Founder and Managing Director, iHaven and HealthVenture

Donna Lecky and Mary Howard are leaders of two organizations that support the development of entrepreneurs and innovators focused on health care. Lecky, the co-founder of Health Ventures, helps early-stage health care companies with strategic financial and executive advice. Howard, executive director of the Accelerator for Biosciences in Connecticut (ABCT), leads a quasi-governmental agency designed to support CT-based innovators in the health sciences.

Watch the Healthcare and Entrepreneurship event

Entrepreneurial Support and Chambers of Commerce

April 8, 2020
Garrett Sheehan, President and CEO, Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce

The Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce is one of the oldest continuously operating chambers of commerce in America. The chamber has supported business development in the greater New Haven region since 1794. Sheehan, president and CEO of the Chamber, spoke about how the organization is prioritizing the development of entrepreneurship in the region.

Watch the Entrepreneurial Support event

Pharmaceutical and IT

April 1, 2020
George Llado, Chief Information Officer, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Alexion Pharmaceuticals is an example of a university-spawned enterprise that is a leading innovator in health care. Llado, the chief information officer at Alexion, spoke about the role of innovation in the continuing success of Alexion and other early-stage university-connected enterprises.

Watch the Pharmaceutical and IT event

Urban Entrepreneurship

March 24, 2020
Rodney Sampson, Executive Chairman and CEO, Opportunity Hub

Opportunity Hub was one of the first African American-based business accelerators. Based in Atlanta, GA, Sampson is one of the leaders at the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship and social change. Sampson is a national leader in working with urban-based innovators and entrepreneurs.

Watch the Urban Entrepreneurship event

Philanthropy & Social Entrepreneurship

March 10, 2020
Will Ginsberg, President and CEO The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven

Community Foundations have grown increasingly interested in promoting entrepreneurship, particularly in stressed communities, as a method of addressing societal problems that have been at the core of their missions. Ginsberg addressed the foundation’s role in promoting entrepreneurial infrastructure in Greater New Haven.

Watch the Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship event

Entrepreneurship and the Federal Government

March 3, 2020
Richard Blumenthal, U.S. Senator, State of Connecticut

Richard Blumenthal is serving his second term as a United States Senator from the State of Connecticut. Senator Blumenthal served an unprecedented five terms as Connecticut’s Attorney General, fighting for people against large and powerful special interests. His aggressive law enforcement for consumer protection, environmental stewardship, labor rights, and personal privacy has helped reshape the role of state attorneys general nationwide, and resulted in the recovery of hundreds of millions of dollars for Connecticut taxpayers and consumers each year.

Watch the Federal Government event

2021–2022 Year in Review

Our School of Business M&T Bank Centers completed another productive year with initiatives that had a measurable impact on the various people and communities they serve, despite the uncertainty and heaviness of the pandemic. Consistent with their missions, each provided exciting, engaging and provocative activities and opportunities for students, faculty, alumni and friends of Quinnipiac University.

View the Center for Women in Business Report (PDF)

View the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Report (PDF) 

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