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School of Business Building a New School of Business

The new School of Business building at Quinnipiac University, designed by award-winning global architects Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, is iconic and significant while also complementary in scale and materials to the existing Mount Carmel Campus. The sustainable LEED-certified structure has been thoughtfully situated on the new South Quad to educate the decision-makers of the future, preparing them to confront global challenges.

Embark on the future of business education

All renderings are preliminary. The new School of Business is slated to open during the 2024-2025 academic year.

Beyond business as usual

Located in the South Quad, the new School of Business at Quinnipiac University bridges the South Quad and the Mount Carmel Campus, Sleeping Giant and the Mill River, and our proud history and our ambitious future. Its two wings, joined by an atrium and grand staircase, align with the Echlin Center to the North, and the College of Arts and Sciences to the South. It bridges these areas of campus geographically, visually and intellectually.

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By The Numbers

79k Square Feet

The new School of Business on the South Quad expands over 79,000 square feet.

150 Event Capacity

Flexible lecture and event spaces will facilitate large and small gatherings.

96% Recycled Waste

Almost all of the building's waste will be recycled within our LEED-certified construction that meets sustainability standards.

Building highlights

  • Financial Technology Center: Located at the intersection of education and industry with technology for real-time financial data, providing the experience of analyzing, valuing and exchanging securities and commodities in real-world markets

  • Digital Workshop: Designed for collaborative programming for artificial intelligence, virtual reality, big data and analytics

  • Marketing Insights & Behavioral Research Lab: Created for cutting-edge marketing research, including technology for eye tracking and geospatial analyses

  • Sales Simulation Lab: Furnished with state-of-the-art video and audio capabilities to develop essential professional selling skills

  • Focus Group Facility: Equipped with video and audio recording capabilities to gather qualitative data and develop in-depth insights into consumers’ preferences, beliefs and attitudes

  • Student Advising Suite: Built to enrich academic and career advising to support student success

  • Coffee Bar: Situated at a crossroads to encourage networking and informal collaboration, where business ideas ignite

  • Group Study Rooms: Fashioned to foster the team-based nature of business

  • Modular Event Space: Customized with theater seating that retracts for conferences, symposia and large events

  • Faculty Offices: Located along student pathways for greater access

  • Flexible Spaces: Crafted to encourage agility and adaptation to future needs

Nearly a century of grit and growth

From our founding in 1929 to the groundbreaking of our new School of Business in 2023, Quinnipiac University is proud of where we've come and where we are going.

Quinnipiac College sign


1929 - 1972

In 1929, Samuel and Irmagarde Tator founded the Connecticut College of Commerce on Chapel Street in New Haven. After six years, the school is renamed the Junior College of Commerce in 1935. In 1951, students vote for Quinnipiac College as new name as bachelor's degrees are awarded following a merge with Larson College. 12 years later in 1963, Quinnipiac College acquires a 100-acre farm at the foot of Sleeping Giant to build the Mount Carmel Campus. In 1972, Quinnipiac offers its first graduate degrees.

Rendering of the new School of Business on the South Quad

And Now

1973 - Present

The renowned Quinnipiac University Poll is founded in 1988. In 1992, Quinnipiac opens the Lender School of Business Center, acquires University of Bridgeport Law School and constructs 800-student building for it. At the turn of the millennium, Quinnipiac College is renamed Quinnipiac University and the School of Business is recognized with AACSB accreditation. Seven years later in 2007, the campus expands as the York Hill Campus is dedicated and the athletics arena opens. With an eye towards a bright future, 2023 marked the groundbreaking for our new new 79,000-square-foot School of Business on the South Quad.

Invest in our future success

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, it takes vision to succeed. It also takes passion to transform lives. Join us in our commitment to prepare future professionals in all areas of business with the environment, resources and tools they will need for advancement and success in a changing world. Explore a naming opportunity with us today.

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Drone Tour

Join us for a drone tour of the new School of Business building. Construction as of September 2023.

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