Increase your company’s revenue and growth by enhancing its supply chain

Supply chain analysts and logisticians are critical because they ensure that every segment of a company’s supply chain is operating smoothly, thereby maximizing savings, mitigating waste and increasing overall profitability. In this program, you’ll learn the range of skills necessary to preserve an efficient daily transition of products and services, from their point of origin to consumers all over the world. 

Our multidisciplinary curriculum blends core business concepts and management practices with subjects such as logistics planning, purchasing and distribution and inventory management. You’ll gain proficiency with emerging supply chain technologies, as well as a global understanding of the entire life cycle of a product, positioning you for a career as a logistics analyst, operations manager, procurement expert, contract administrator or demand planner, to name just a few.

Career readiness is a hallmark of this program. Required internships and a field-based capstone project give you the chance to solve actual challenges that real companies face in logistics or operations. Membership to APICS, the premier professional association for supply chain management, gives you access to many professional resources and connects you with a global network of supply chain professionals. Our alumni have found success with many highly respected companies, including Pratt & Whitney, United Technologies, Deloitte, Collins Aerospace and Hubbell.