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Quinnipiac issues small loans of up to $1,000 alongside consulting services to entrepreneurs and small businesses through local community and international partnerships. As students manage the underwriting and approval of the loans, they have the rare opportunity to develop strategies and apply management techniques with real funds in preparation for their careers.

By the Numbers

14 Years in Service

90% Repayment Rate

Helping businesses grow since 2009

Making impactful, real-world decisions

The Microlending Initiative began with a gift to the School of Business and has continued to grow for nearly two decades. Powered by grants to the School of Business, the Microlending Initiative helps propel businesses that lack access to financial backing and would not qualify for standard bank loans. With an approximate 90% repayment rate, the program takes what it receives in loan payments and uses these funds to offer more loans to new business owners and partners.

The microlending initiative functions in three capacities: international microlending, domestic microlending and strategic consulting. Across each subject area, students are challenged to apply their business knowledge in practical scenarios. Students complete every step of the underwriting process, reviewing applications, making strategic analyses and processing approvals based on factors such as potential success in the market and projected financial gain.

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Businesses can connect with the Microlending initiative through partnerships with local organizations such as Alianza Americana in Nicaragua and Columbus House in New Haven, CT.

If you're interested in applying for a microloan and receiving consulting services from Quinnipiac students, please fill out the application below.

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In Their Words

Headshot of Russell Jackson

Russell Jackson ’24

President of the Microlending Initiative

“The Microlending Initiative is my favorite organization here at Quinnipiac! Being able to apply what I learn from my entrepreneurship courses to real-world scenarios with global entrepreneurs is a great learning experience preparing me for a career after graduation.”

Headshot of Thomas Shipman

Thomas Shipman ’24

Vice President of the Microlending Initiative

“Upon joining the Microlending Initiative, I didn't have a strong understanding of finance. Through exposure to finance through classes and real-world businesses, I realized I had a growing interest.”

Headshot of Miles Ellsworth

Miles Ellsworth ’24, MS ’25

International Delegate for the Microlending Initiative

“The best part about the Quinnipiac Microlending Initiative is being able to apply what we are learning in the classroom to real-life experiences. For example, I have used what I learned in my accounting classes to help create a questionnaire for loan applicants.”

Headshot of Colin Smith

Colin Smith ’25

Marketing Manager for the Microlending Initiative

“Microlending has shown me a different perspective in the business world. Being able to work with a team and help small businesses has opened up a new way of thinking for me. I will take these skills I've learned and will continue to use them throughout college and into the real world.”

Headshot of PJ Heilbronn

PJ Heilbronn ’24

Domestic Delegate for the Microlending Initiative

“Microlending has given me an outlet to work hands-on with small businesses in ways that I would normally only experience post-graduation. I am thrilled to represent the team as the Domestic Delegate this coming year and continue to work with our diligent and hardworking team.”

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