Cybersecurity skills for every profession

With cybercrime on the rise, sensitive personal and financial information in corporations, health care organizations, law firms, banks, educational institutions and elsewhere is perpetually at risk. Thanks to these unique dual-degree programs, students of all undergraduate backgrounds have the chance to seamlessly earn an MS in Cybersecurity and learn the tools and tactics needed to mitigate that risk.

This flexible program can be completed in under 5 years and complements many diverse majors, from computer science, mechanical engineering and software engineering to criminal justice, business administration and a variety of health science programs. By combining their undergraduate backgrounds with knowledge of such subjects as IT infrastructure, cryptography and cloud security, graduates make themselves invaluable to employers in many professional settings.

Hands-on courses are taught by world-class security experts, and the MS program culminates in a capstone project utilizing commercial or open source security tools. Students have access to a dedicated adviser throughout, who is also the MS in Cybersecurity program director, and special programming and networking opportunities are available through a career development specialist.