Become an asset in cyber defense

Cybercrime tactics have grown increasingly sophisticated in recent years, leaving banks, law firms, healthcare organizations and all manner of companies vulnerable to attack. Quinnipiac’s on-campus MS in Cybersecurity is a unique technical program designed for students with either formal computer science training or on-the-job training who are interested in learning the skills necessary to counter these threats and safeguard our corporate, financial and personal data. We provide onramp courses, if needed, to fill in technical background skills.

This 30-credit program explores the technical aspects of today's most critical cybersecurity areas including risk management, security technology, data security, software security access management and cloud security. Throughout the program, students will accumulate career-ready knowledge and the hands-on technical skills needed to build, protect and maintain a secure information infrastructure. The curriculum is closely aligned with the key knowledge units established by the NSA and Department of Homeland Security to create a more cyber-secure nation.