Quinnipiac University

Dual-Degree BA or BS/MSW (4+2) Tuition and Financial Aid

Dual-degree programs are designed to be an efficient way to complete both your undergraduate and graduate degrees, but we understand that college is still a big investment. That’s why we’re committed to helping you make your Quinnipiac education affordable. Whether it’s through grants, scholarships, loans or a job, we’ll help you explore every option and help you make a plan that works for you.

Costs and Budgets

You’ll work with our undergraduate admissions and financial aid team as you apply to Quinnipiac and complete your bachelor’s degree. When it’s time to enroll in your graduate program, you’ll work closely with the graduate financial aid office. You’ll pay the standard per-credit tuition and fees for the graduate program in the year you begin your graduate studies.

Undergraduate Billed Charges (Direct Costs)

Direct costs are expenses for which you receive a billing statement from Quinnipiac, such as tuition, student fees, university/technology fees, accident insurance, health insurance and other applicable fees.

Cost Amount
Tuition and Fees1 $53,090*
Room and Board (if living on campus) $16,270
Commuter Meal Plan (if living off campus) $450

1 Tuition and fees are subject to annual updates and assume student is taking 12-16 credits per semester. Credits taken in excess of 16 credits in a semester are billed at $1,160 per credit. Student fees cover the experiences and services that complement and support academics.

*Estimate of annual costs per year, for a typical 4 years of undergraduate studies.

Undergraduate Possible Expenses (Indirect Costs)

Amounts listed for books, personal and transportation are estimated allowances that are not part of a student’s bill. Possible expenses, or indirect costs, are expenses that you may incur but for which you do not receive a billing statement such as average for books, supplies, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses and off-campus living expenses. These costs are used when calculating financial aid eligibility.

Item Rate
Books and supplies $1,100
Personal $1,810
Transportation $850 (if living on campus)
$1,350 (if living off campus)
Room and board allowance $1,800 (if at home with parent)
$15,260 (if living off campus)

All figures are based on current allowances for the 2023-24 academic year.