Program Overview

Emergency rooms, rehabilitation facilities and youth centers all rely on social workers to treat veterans with PTSD, neglected children, people with chronic illnesses and many others. Our program prepares you for licensure and gives you the tools you’ll need to provide patients with counseling, crisis intervention and access to social welfare and community resources.

You’ll act as a crucial link between patients and other caregivers, ensuring that they are receiving proper attention. Our curriculum emphasizes interprofessional education to familiarize you with a team-based health care approach while also giving you the freedom to tailor your degree to your specialty.

Through this accelerated dual-degree program, you‘ll complete both your Bachelor of Science in Health Science Studies and your MSW in just 5 years. 

Undergraduate degree program options

In lieu of completing a BS in Health Science Studies, students may choose to complete a bachelor‘s degree in one of the many programs offered through our College of Arts and Sciences and the MSW within the same timeframe (3 undergraduate years and 2 graduate years).

Accelerated Dual-Degree BA or BS/MSW program