Your Experience

As a nurse anesthetist, you’ll assess, administer and maintain anesthesia to ensure proper sedation and pain management and oversee patient recovery anesthesia after a procedure or surgery.

Nurse anesthetists are vital in hospital operating rooms, surgery centers, physicians’ offices and beyond. Working alongside anesthesiologists, surgeons and others, nurse anesthetists administer anesthesia for all types of surgical cases, from the simplest to the most complex. In the nurse anesthesia DNP track, you’ll master a range of competencies, including advanced physiology and pathophysiology, anatomy (with cadaver lab), advanced pharmacology and advanced chemistry for anesthetic practice.

The nurse anesthesia DNP track is only offered as a full-time program and is completed in three years. The clinical component increases as the program progresses, beginning with part-time hours and gradually ending with full-time hours plus a call rotation.