Quinnipiac University students Corey Windham ’22, Graphic and Interactive Design, Emily Stoveken ’20, MBA, and Khushi Agnish ’23, Behavioral Neuroscience, converse at the College of Arts and Sciences on Friday September 27th, 2019.

Diversity and Inclusion

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Quinnipiac University’s Multicultural Carnival held outside the Perlroth Residence Hall at the Mount Carmel Campus on Tuesday, April 16, 2019.

Multicultural Carnival

Students enjoy the Multicultural Carnival on the Mount Carmel Campus.


By The Numbers



Percentage of the current first-year class who self-identify as students of color


Culture and Religion

The number of cultural and religious university-recognized, student-run groups


Generation Now

Percentage of the Class of 2021 who self-identify as first-generation students

Be Involved

College is a time to grow socially, develop a global mindset and meet people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

At Quinnipiac, there are many ways to experience different cultures and customs while being exposed to new ideas and to expand your view on the world. Our cultural, identity and faith-based organizations all create a welcoming environment that invites students of all races, ethnicities, genders and religions to celebrate their beliefs and cultural interests, while providing ways to share them with the campus community.

Off campus, there are numerous civic engagement and international travel programs for students. These enable students to experience diverse cultures and traditions while working in solidarity alongside members of local communities, other global citizens and our academic partners around the world.


Don C. Sawyer III, PhD

Vice President of Equity and Inclusion/Chief Diversity Officer

“We don’t want diversity and inclusion to be ‘add-ons.’ We want to be a university where inclusive excellence is a part of our institutional fabric and a pillar of our existence. We want to create a community where everyone who comes here is part of the Quinnipiac University family and feels that they belong, are valued and are included.”

Global and Multicultural Experiences

Global Education

Part of our mission is to develop responsible, empathetic citizens who are invested in global issues and cultures, as well as opportunities in the international community. To that end, we provide meaningful learning experiences for students, faculty, staff and alumni.

From semester abroad to short-term faculty-led programs and international internships, global learning opportunities develop cultural humility while allowing for the exchange of knowledge and ideas. They also enable students to integrate knowledge and theory with practical application on the world stage. The Department of Cultural and Global Engagement offers guidance and support for students before, during and after their education experiences.

Other opportunities include:

  • Community engagement
  • Summer and Winter Intersession
  • Clinicals
  • Experiential learning
  • Independent or capstone research projects

For more information, contact:

Quinnipiac students visit the Cathedral of León in Nicaragua as part of their cultural and global engagement program.

Study Abroad

Quinnipiac students visit the Cathedral of León in Nicaragua as part of their cultural and global engagement program.

Erin M. Sabato
Director of International Service and Learning

Mark A. Tortora
Associate Director for Education Abroad

Multicultural Education

Our goal is to create an environment that reflects, supports and encourages students to celebrate their cultural heritage together. We offer programs for traditionally underrepresented students to receive mentoring and leadership skills training. We also create opportunities for students to share with the campus community and engage in open, honest conversations about issues of equity, social justice and other sensitive topics.

Some opportunities include:

  • Intergroup Dialogue Series (A Place at the Table and Circle of Perspectives)
  • Student of Color Leadership Retreat
  • Quest Mentoring Program
  • Several cultural, faith and identity-based student organizations

For more information, contact:

Black Student Union hosts their annual fashion show featuring all-female participants and designers to honor women.

Student Organizations

Black Student Union hosts their annual fashion show featuring all-female participants and designers to honor women.

Daymyen T. Layne
Director of Multicultural Education and Training

Pascale S. Jean-Jacques:
Associate Director for Multicultural Education

The Cut

Welcome to “The Cut,” a video series that promotes a safe space and a platform for Black students at Quinnipiac University to share their thoughts with each other as well as faculty and staff mentors.


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International Student Services

We are proud to host international students from 40 countries. This growing student population brings diverse cultures, perspectives and traditions to our campuses each year, creating a fuller and more dynamic learning experience for all.

We are thankful for what our international students contribute, and are committed to supporting them as they pursue their academic and career goals.

Some resources include:

  • Orientation and International Education Week 
  • Comprehensive Immigration Advising
  • Travel guidance
  • International Student Association

For more information, contact:
Sarah Driscoll
Director of International Student Services

Students represent their country's flag on the Arnold Bernhard Library steps.

Students celebrate Flag Day

Students represent their country's flag on the Arnold Bernhard Library steps.

Spiritual and Religious Life

Spiritual and Religious Life

At Quinnipiac, people of all religions are welcomed, accepted and encouraged to fully observe their faiths. We have several organizations that offer worship services, counseling and celebratory activities that enable members to live spiritually fulfilling lives.

The goals of the Office of Religious Life are to meet the personal religious needs of students of all faiths, and, through its Center for Religion, create a space where students can engage in a dialogue with the world’s great religious traditions, as well as with each other, in the search for meaning and values. The university religious life staff, which consists of Catholic and Protestant chaplains as well as a Muslim religious life coordinator, lead worship services, organize events on campus and help students find religious resources in the community. The Center for Religion works closely with local and international charities, and organizes numerous educational programs, speaker events and experiences focused on religious literacy, interfaith dialogue and social justice in the community and abroad.

For more information, contact:
Father Jordan Lenaghan OP
Executive Director of University Religious Life

The Peter C. Hereld House for Jewish Life works with Jewish students to create a meaningful, caring and supportive community on campus. Hereld House ensures that there is always a Jewish presence on campus and offers full-time rabbi services for every Sabbath and Jewish Holy Day. Rabbi Judd, who is Reform Ordained, is always available to talk with students or parents about what living a Jewish life at Quinnipiac University means. In addition to being the main catalyst for Jewish life on campus, Hereld House’s doors are open to any who wish to learn more about Jewish faith and culture.

For more information, contact:
Reena Judd
University Rabbi

Quinnipiac also offers shuttles or car pools for students of all faiths to attend places of worship off campus.