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Online Billing Statements

Online billing statements include Account Activity and a Student Statement of Account. Students and authorized proxy users can access these bills through their Self Service account. Account Activity and Student Statements are updated in real time and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Students and parents should periodically access their Student Statement bill to ensure that they have the most up-to-date version.

Access a Student Statement

Billing statements are available online through the Self-Service portal using your username and password.

Log Into Self-Service

Make a Payment

Only students and authorized proxy users are able to make payments through our online payment provider, TouchNet. Once you have logged into the system, click on Student Finance to see your statement and pay a bill.

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Proxy Access to Pay a Bill

With the permission of their student, parents and/or other authorized individuals who are paying a bill on behalf of the student can access their own Self-Service account to view various academic and financial information. Read more about proxy user access below.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Student Statement displays summary-level information for a selected term, including the student's schedule, related charges and credits, as well as any "estimated credits" that may be applied to the account, such as Quinnipiac scholarships and grants. All "estimated credits" are subject to final approval by the Financial Aid Office.

Once you have logged into the Self-Service system, click "Student Finance" to view your statements.

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Account Activity displays all transactions that have been posted to the student's account for a selected term.

Once you have logged into the Self-Service system, click "Student Finance" and then click "Account Activity."

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The Bursar's Office will communicate via email using the student's Quinnipiac University email address as well as the email address of any authorized parents or authorized payers when bills are available online.

It is each student's responsibility to monitor his or her online bill and all information and attachments sent via email to ensure that an account balance is paid in full by the due date. If parents or authorized proxy users have responsibility for payment, it is the student’s responsibility to forward this information or grant Self Service proxy user access to these individuals so that they can access the information directly.

Contact the Bursar's Office

If you are experiencing problems with your online student statements, please contact the Bursar's Office

How to Make Payments on Behalf of a Student (Proxy Access)

All students are able to grant their parent or authorized payer access to a proxy version of Self-Service, which enables the parent or authorized payer access to academic and/or financial information for the student. As such, students can assign proxy users with access to Account Activity and Student Statements. Proxy access to Self Service will also allow Quinnipiac University to include the email address of the parent or authorized payer so that the university will be able to communicate important billing information with students, as well as the parties authorized by the student, via email.

A student must first grant permission through Self-Service before we are able to discuss account information.

Before a proxy may begin making online tuition payments on behalf of a student, the student must grant permission. This is a one-time setup requirement for proxy users paying on a student's behalf:

  1. Students must log into Self Service for Students with their QU Credentials
  2. Select User Options, and then click View/Add Proxy Access
  3. Under “Select a Proxy”, select one from the list or select add “Add Another User”
  4. Fill in required fields with the requested proxy user’s information
  5. Choose which options you would like the proxy user to have access to. Please note: In order for a proxy to view the student’s account activity, view a student statement, and make a payment, make sure that all check boxes associated with Student Finance are checked.
  6. If the student agrees to add this proxy user, check the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) box and click “Submit.”
  7. Click “Continue” to add the new proxy user
  8. Once complete, the new proxy user will receive an email message with a username and temporary password.
  9. The proxy user can now log into Self-Service and set up a permanent password.

Additional comprehensive instructions can be found in our downloadable manual

Once enrolled, the proxy will retain access until the student graduates or rescinds their access.

Note: If you encounter difficulties accessing TouchNet, our payment processor, please make sure popup blockers are turned off. Additionally, you may need to clear out your web browser's cache and cookies. If you don't receive any requested emails, please check your Junk/Spam folder.

Screen shot of Self-Service system 

The "View/Add Proxy Access" option is available under "User Options" on the left side of the Self-Service system.