Explore the connection between physiology and psychology

This broad and dynamic discipline helps us understand the connection between the brain and behavior. You’ll study learning, memory, cognition, motivation and emotion. Research in the field includes the study of Alzheimer’s disease, autism, anxiety disorders and substance abuse.

As a behavioral neuroscience major, you’ll choose from two tracks. The natural science track provides training to students who are interested in the biological sciences as applied to psychology and behavior. The psychological science track focuses on physiology and brain function, and how they relate to behavior. Graduates pursue careers in mental health, human resources and social work, among others.

Our students have participated in research projects with our expert faculty members and with researchers at institutions across the country. Quinnipiac hosts the Northeast Under/graduate Research Organization for Neuroscience’s annual research conference, which attracts notable researchers in the field. You’ll graduate well prepared to pursue an advanced degree and to succeed in fields that require strong critical thinking skills.