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At Quinnipiac University, we recognize the invaluable skills and experiences that veterans bring to the teaching profession. As part of our longstanding commitment to supporting the academic endeavors of service members and veterans, our faculty and staff help you apply your exceptional leadership abilities and skills toward a successful career in the field of education.


Military Friendly©

Quinnipiac is recognized by Viqtory Media as being at the very top of the Best for Vets Schools in the United States.

Military Times

Military Times ranked Quinnipiac No. 1 in Connecticut and No. 18 in the country in its 2023 “Best for Vets: Colleges” rankings.

Yellow Ribbon Program Participant

We’ve invested more than $3 million into our Yellow Ribbon program, making your education more affordable.

Empowering Future Educators to Inspire and Transform

We understand that transitioning from military service to the civilian sector and pursuing an advanced degree can present unique challenges. We are honored to stand by you and provide comprehensive support throughout your journey, whenever or wherever you may need it.

With the Troops to Teachers program, you can support your education by using your current benefits such as the GI Bill or military tuition assistance. A significant portion of your tuition can also be covered by third-party scholarships, grants and other forms of financial assistance — reducing the financial burden and making your education more affordable.

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Ways to Learn

3 Certificates

The School of Education offers 3 different certificates to help further your academic experience and earn credentials in areas that ignite your passion.

4 Dual-Degree Programs

Dual-degree bachelor's and master's programs streamline your educational journey, putting you on an accelerate path to completing both your undergraduate and graduate degrees.

6 Graduate Programs

Our master's degrees and advanced diploma programs allow you to expand your knowledge and gain adaptable, flexible skills that prepare you for a lifetime.

Career Opportunities

Our degrees in education position graduates for a growing number of specialized and in-demand opportunities — whether you are a newcomer to the field or an experienced educator looking to advance your credentials. By pursuing our dual-degree, graduate, post-secondary and certificate programs, students gain valuable skills suited for a wide array of career moves inside and outside of the classroom.

Our Dual-Degree and Graduate Master of Arts in Teaching programs provide students with the training, certification and initial licensure they need to take their place at the front of the classroom.


Potential Roles

  • Elementary School Teacher

  • Middle School Teacher

  • High School Teacher

  • Special Education Teacher


Degrees and Programs

Our specialized master’s degrees focus on the research, theory and practice that will inform how we approach teaching the next generation of students.


Potential Roles

  • Advocate

  • Content Development Specialist

  • Curriculum Developer

  • Director of Training and Development

  • eLearning Developer

  • Instructional Designer


Degrees and Programs

Our certificate and advanced diploma plans of study allow seasoned educators to build upon their years of experience with specialized formal training in areas that excite them.


Degrees and Programs

Our Sixth-Year Diploma in Education Leadership enables experienced educators to become change-makers as department chairs, administrators, vice principals, principals and assistant superintendents. 


Potential Roles

  • Principal

  • Vice Principal / Assistant Principal

  • Department Chairs

  • School Leaders


Degrees and Programs

Find Your Fit in Education

The School of Education relies on a strong local network that prepares the next generation of teachers to succeed in the classroom. We have placed student-teachers in 49 schools across 20 local school districts, allowing students to earn classroom experiences in a variety of school settings prior to graduation.

However, graduates from our School of Education don’t just work in schools; they work in corporations as directors of training, in healthcare as client educators, in law organizations as advocates, in universities as course designers and in many other settings.

School of Education

All programs are accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) and by the Connecticut State Department of Education. Our graduates earn exceptionally high scores on licensure examinations required for certification both within and outside the state of Connecticut.

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We make our admission process as straightforward and personalized as possible. If you have any questions or need guidance, our counselors and advisers in the School of Education are available to assist you at every stage of your application process.

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