Ascend the corporate ladder

Students who choose to earn a BS in Mechanical Engineering will develop the design and analytical skills necessary for careers in many diverse fields —from aerospace, robotics and automotive to power and energy, manufacturing and biomedical. Our labs and classrooms are designed to provide students with a hands-on learning experience — from the lathes and mills in the machine shop to the wind tunnel in our thermodynamics and heat transfer lab. The majority of the curriculum focuses on design and fabrication, giving students ample opportunities to bring prototypes and models to life with powerful software tools, 3D printers and more.

Throughout your MBA experience, you'll learn to use sophisticated technology to analyze real-time data, develop financial models and run true-to-life business simulations. Being on campus also gives you access to networking and career events, which attract distinguished representatives from organizations such as Apple, GE and Johnson & Johnson.

Combining an engineering degree with a Master of Business Administration makes you immediately more desirable to hiring managers, as they actively seek engineers who can approach problems from both a technical and a business perspective. As you hone your ability to present, communicate and manage teams, you'll open up new paths to ascend the corporate ladder after graduation. The combination of an MBA with a BS in Mechanical Engineering makes it far easier to transition to management roles, improving your job positioning and increasing your lifetime earning potential.