Quinnipiac University

MS in Computer Science Curriculum

Our curriculum builds industry-specific knowledge and skills while giving you the flexibility to customize your schedule based on your needs. Below are the course requirements for the MS in Computer Science program and an example of what your academic experience might look like.

Master of Science in Computer Science
Program of Study

The following courses are core requirements of the Computer Science program:

Course List

Code Title Credits
Core requirements (12 credits)    
CSC 510 Computer Architecture 3
CSC 515 Algorithms & Design 3
CSC 520 Operating Systems 3
CSC 530 Embedded Systems 3
Electives (12 credits)    
CSC 605 Foundations of Cybersecurity 3
CSC 615 Computational Geometry 3
CSC 625 Database Systems 3
CSC 630 Parallel Processing and Design 3
CSC 640 Computer Networks 3
CSC 645 Computer Graphics 3
CSC 650 Neural Networks 3
Thesis Track (6 credits)    
CSC 691 MS Thesis I 3
CSC 692 MS Thesis II 3

Students who are not pursuing the thesis track are required to take an additional six credits of electives included in the list above.