Preparation to excel on many stages

Whatever your professional and artistic goals may be, we believe that a livelihood in theater doesn’t have to be “all or nothing” and that classically trained actors can leverage their training on a variety of stages. Public relations specialists, journalists and other media professionals — especially those in entertainment and the arts — can excel from studying theater and learn team building, public speaking and community engagement skills.

You build your undergraduate foundation in theater and then begin taking your first graduate courses in communications during the third year of study. This affords you the opportunity to immerse yourself in all of the opportunities available in Quinnipiac’s theater department. 

This accelerated dual-degree gives dedicated students the opportunity to study all facets of theater performance and production while seamlessly earning a master’s degree in one of several complementary communications disciplines.

The result is a powerful and flexible program that injects you into the theater industry in conventional and non-conventional ways while creating inroads to other fulfilling careers.

You may combine the BA in Theater with one of 6 MS or MA degrees: