Students in colorful costumes on stage during a dress rehearsal of the Imaginary Invalid. The stage is awash in purple lights.

Accelerated Dual-Degree BA in Theater/MBA or MS in Accounting (3+1)

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In just 4 years, you can complete both your BA in Theater and either a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or a Master of Science in Accounting (MSA), positioning yourself to join the next generation of leaders in the arts, the entertainment industry or any business enterprise.

Program Overview

Take the lead role, onstage and behind the scenes

The Accelerated Dual-Degree BA in Theater/MBA or MSA (3+1) offers highly motivated students an opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from the College of Arts and Sciences and either a Master of Business Administration or Master of Science in Accounting from the School of Business in 4 years. By pairing their passion for the dramatic arts with either the MBA or MSA degree, theater students substantially increase their employability and earning power upon graduation without compromising the personal, interpersonal and intellectual growth that a liberal arts education offers.

These programs offer advantages to students who have a passion for theater and an ambition for a career in the global business landscape. The study of theater sharpens self-confidence and public speaking skills while developing empathy. Theater students engage in hands-on problem solving, take on leadership roles, and become creative thinkers with an intrinsic, “get-the-job-done” work ethic. A student who wishes to separate his or her resume from the pack while developing the above skills and earning a respected degree in business might consider this accelerated dual-degree program as a differentiator.

Both programs also are advantageous to students who wish to pursue leadership roles within the professional entertainment industry. There is a demand within the industry for skilled business leaders who can pair advanced administrative and financial skills with a core understanding of theater arts. Examples of lucrative jobs that accelerated dual-degree students would be uniquely qualified for include executive director, producer, managing director and artistic director. The MSA additionally makes graduates 150-hours ready for the national CPA exam, and places them on track for careers as production accountants, chief accounting officers and CFOs.    

Both degrees in either the Accelerated Dual-Degree BA in Theater/MBA or MSA (3+1) are completed in full without compromise. Students interested in the Dual-Degree BA in Theater/MSA track are required to minor in accounting their first three years.

Complimentary degree program options

Quinnipiac also offers an accelerated, dual-degree (3+1) program combining a BA in Theater with one of our communications master’s degrees in journalism, sports journalism, public relations, or interactive media and communications.

In lieu of completing a bachelor’s degree in theater, students may choose to complete an undergraduate degree from the School of Business and an MBA or MS in Accounting within the same timeframe (3 undergraduate years and 1 graduate year). 

Theatre Arts Center

Space to experiment

In Fall 2017, we opened the Theatre Arts Center. The space is located at 515 Sherman Avenue in Hamden, just around the corner from the York Hill Campus.

The new facility features a state-of-the-art black box theater, scenic shop, design studios, classrooms, faculty offices, a student lounge and additional rehearsal space.

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Robert Serrell talks as he sits in a chair across from a dozen seated students.

Learn from experience

Robert Serrell, executive director of The Barrow Group, talks with students in the new Theatre Arts Center.

Partner quote

“After earning a BA and MFA in theater, I’m incredibly grateful for the business skills I’ve learned from my MBA. MBA training has given me more confidence in marketing, fundraising and producing — which I’ve come to believe are essential elements for an actor to understand. I can directly trace my success as executive director of The Barrow Group, one of the top theater and training centers in NYC, to my MBA training.”
Robert Serrell, MFA, MBA
Executive Director at The Barrow Group
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The Barrow Group is a top theater and training center in New York City and a partner with our theater program on the annual New Play Festival in NYC.

Curriculum and Requirements: Master of Business Administration

BA in Theater/MBA
Program of Study

This rigorous program of study includes extra courses during the fall and spring sessions, as well as summer sessions to complete the degree requirements for both a BA and an MBA in just four years.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Fall SemesterCredits
FYS 101 First-Year Seminar 3
EN 101 Introduction to Academic Reading and Writing 3
Humanities 3
EC 111 Principles of Microeconomics 3
DR 140 Stagecraft 3
DR 160 Acting I 3
Spring Semester
EN 102 Academic Writing and Research 3
MA 206 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences 3
EC 112 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
DR 257 Design for the Theater 3
DR 270 World Theater History and Dramatic Literature I 3
Free Elective 3
Summer Semester
UC Breadth 3
UC Breadth 3
Second Year
Fall Semester
Natural Science (UC) 3
Natural Science Lab (UC) 1
Humanities Elective (UC) 3
Foreign Language 101 3
Free Elective 3
DR 286 Script Analysis 3
DR Elective (Theater Focus Track) 3
Spring Semester
Foreign Language 102 3
Social Science 3
Humanities 3
AC 211 Financial Accounting 3
DR 275 World Theater History and Dramatic Literature II 3
MU or AR Elective 3
Summer Semester
DR 370 Internship, Conservatory or Professional Experience 3
UC Breadth 3
Third Year
Fall Semester
FIN 201 Fundamentals of Financial Management 3
MBA 615 Skills for Contemporary Business Issues 3
Depth Elective 3
Depth Elective 3
DR 350 Playwriting I 3
DR Elective (Theater Focus Track) 3
MBA 601 Foundations for Decision Making (MBA QUick Start) 1
Spring Semester
Depth Elective 3
Senior Capstone 3
DR 230 Directing I 3
DR Elective (Theater Focus Track) 3
MBA 620 Financial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Making (AC 620) 3
MBA 625 Organizational Behavior and Leadership for Decision Makers 3
Summer Semester
MBA Elective 3
MBA Elective 3
Fourth Year
Fall Semester
MBA Elective 3
MBA Elective 3
Take one of the following: 3
MBA 610
Business Decision Analysis  
EC 600
Managerial Economics  
CIS 600
Information Systems Strategy  
MBA 635 Decision Making for Business Operations 3
MBA 640 Financial Decision Making 3
Spring Semester
MBA 645 Marketing Decision Making 3
MBA 660 Decision Making in a Global Economy 3
MBA 690 Strategic Management 3
MBA Elective 3
MBA Elective 3
 Total Credits158

Additional course details
Explore descriptions, schedule and instructor information using the Course Finder tool.

Curriculum and Requirements: MS in Accounting

BA in Theater Curriculum 

Students majoring in theater must meet the following requirements for graduation:

University Curriculum 146
College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum 221-24
Theater Core Requirements
DR 140Stagecraft3
DR 160Acting I3
DR 230Directing I3
DR 270World Theater History and Dramatic Literature I3
DR 257Design for the Theater3
DR 275World Theater History and Dramatic Literature II3
DR 286Script Analysis3
DR 350Playwriting I3
DR 370Internship, Conservatory or Professional Experience3
DR 410Senior Seminar3
Select two DR electives:6
Any DR Course
Any DR Course 200-level or higher
Free Electives17-20
Total Credits120-126

All students must complete the University Curriculum requirements. 


Students must complete the College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum requirements specific to their major. See details below.

College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum

The College of Arts and Sciences offers bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees. Students earning either degree must complete one foreign language through the 102-level, and all students are encouraged to pursue a balanced program of study.

In addition, students earning a bachelor of arts degree must fulfill separate requirements for breadth and depth of study.

For the breadth requirement, students must complete at least 3 credits in each of the four CAS disciplinary areas other than the area of the student’s major. These areas are fine arts, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. A course taken to fulfill the CAS breadth requirement may not also be used to fulfill a UC requirement.

For the depth requirement, students must complete at least 9 credits within a single subject area other than that of the major. (A “subject area” is identified with a catalog subject code, such as PL, CJ, WS, MA, etc.) 

A student enrolled in the Accelerated Dual-Degree BA/JD or BS/JD (3+3) program is exempt from these College of Arts and Sciences requirements, with the exception of the foreign language requirement. A student pursuing a double major is likewise exempt from these College of Arts and Sciences requirements, with the exception of the foreign language requirement.

MS in Accounting Curriculum

Required Core Courses (18 credits)
AC 635Advanced Topics in Financial Accounting and Reporting3
AC 645Information Assurance3
AC 650Advanced Accounting Information Systems3
AC 660Strategic Management Control Systems3
AC 670Advanced Business Law, Regulation, Ethics and Reporting Environments3
AC 680Advanced Federal Income Taxation and Tax Research3
Elective Courses (12 credits)
Select four of the following: 12
AC 640
Financial Statement Analysis
AC 665
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination
AC 675
Governmental and Not-For-Profit Accounting
BAN 610
Introduction to Business Analytics 1
or MBA 610
Business Decision Analysis
BAN 615
Predictive Modeling
BAN 628
Data Mining
BAN 650
Data Visualization
CIS 600
Information Systems Strategy
EC 600
Managerial Economics
Total Credits30

BAN 610 is a prerequisite for advanced BAN courses.  

Admission Requirements

The Accelerated Dual-Degree BA in Theater/MBA or MSA (3+1) program does not have a separate application process. Incoming freshmen admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences BA in Theater who meet the accelerated dual-degree program criteria will be invited to enter the program. To be considered for this accelerated program, students generally must be ranked in the top 20 percent of their high school class, and must have a total SAT score (critical reading and math) of 1200 or higher, or an ACT composite score of 25 or higher.  

Admission to the university is competitive, and applicants are expected to present a strong college prep program in high school. Prospective freshmen students are strongly encouraged to file an application as early in the senior year as possible, and arrange to have first-quarter grades sent from their high school counselor as soon as they are available.

Merit Awards in Theater

Students applying for acceptance into the BA in Theater program are encouraged to apply for a Merit Award in Theater. Students who show promise in any of the primary areas of theater may be awarded scholarships.

Awards are limited to incoming freshmen students and transfers only. Interested students must major or dual major in theater to be eligible. Awarded students need to remain a theater major or dual major in good academic standing for the award to continue in subsequent years. 

Students accepted into the Accelerated Dual-Degree BA in Theater/MBA or MSA (3+1) program would be eligible for merit awards for the first 3 years (while earning the BA in Theater).