Minor Overview

The theater department is home to an incredibly vibrant community of people with diverse talents in the performing arts. This minor is a great way to enrich your liberal arts experience and develop creative thinking and communications skills, while building a foundation in the areas of theater study and production. You’ll explore the fundamentals of acting, directing, playwriting, design and theater history, and have the flexibility to shape the program to reflect your interests.

Our affiliation with the The Barrow Group Theatre Company in New York City offers a unique opportunity to work with professional directors and actors in collaborative workshops and to stage performances. You also can earn credit and gain hands-on experience working on a one of the many Theater for the Community productions that are staged throughout the year.

Curriculum and Requirements

Students select courses from an array of offerings in acting, directing, playwriting, design, stagecraft, theater history, theater for community and theater for young audiences. Students also may earn theater practicum credit by working on the Theater for Community mainstage productions (18 credits).

Course Structure

Theater Minor Required Courses

DR 140



DR 160

Acting I


DR 230
or DR 350

Directing for the Theater


DR 270
or DR 275

World Theater History & Dramatic Literature I
World Theater History & Dramatic Literature II



Select any two 200-400-level DR courses


Total Credits