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BS in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

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If you’ve ever aspired to start your own business, or have plans to join an existing business or enterprise, the entrepreneurship and small business management degree gives you the skills and connections you need to turn a great idea into a successful business venture.

Program Overview

Our innovative program gives you a strong foundation in sound business practices, sharpens your business management skills and teaches you how to think like an entrepreneur. You’ll work on team and individual projects to develop and improve business ideas and also have the opportunity to promote the feasibility of your ideas in regional and national business plan competitions.

Course options include a wide breadth of topics, such as Entrepreneurial Creativity, Opportunity Recognition and Negotiation, and Supply Chain Management. You’ll learn from a rich network of faculty and staff that provides the guidance necessary to launch a business or join a burgeoning company.

In the classroom, during internships and at networking events, you can tap into the expertise and experience of local and national company executives, as well as small business owners who have achieved success. 


A student stands in front of his mobile barbershop vehicle while being interviewed by a reporter.

Getting a head start

Cameron Burbank ’19 is interviewed by local channel Fox61 on the entrepreneurship major's new business — Burbank's Mobile Barber Shop, LLC.

Student Spotlight

Cameron Burbank '19 stands at the door of his mobile barber shop.

Cameron Burbank ’19

“This really started my freshman year,” Burbank explained. “There was a problem: I just couldn’t get a haircut. It was as simple as that. Being on a suburban campus, not in the middle of a city, it’s not easy to get a haircut unless you have a car to go somewhere. While a lot of services are provided on campus, a barber shop just isn’t one of them.”

Cutting the line

When Quinnipiac University student Stefano Clemente needed to look his professional best, there was no need to stray far from his residence hall to get a fresh haircut. “I’ve got to look good for the career fair,” he said as he climbed into Cameron Burbank’s recreational vehicle that sets up shop in the Hilltop parking lot on the Mount Carmel Campus. Burbank, a junior entrepreneurship major at Quinnipiac, owns Burbank’s Mobile Barber Shop. 

Burbank, of Ithaca, New York, said he eventually pitched his idea for a mobile barber shop to Dale Jasinski, associate professor of entrepreneurship and strategy at Quinnipiac. Jasinski suggested that Burbank put together a proposal and present it at the Connecticut State Business Plan Competition, which was two days away. Burbank ended up winning the contest.  

Burbank’s vision became a reality in June when he purchased a 2006 NuWa Hitchhiker II LS. He worked tirelessly to turn the RV into a barber shop, complete with four barber stations, a bathroom, a reception desk, a waiting area, a couch, a powerful generator and hot and cold running water.  Business has been steady. “It surely has its stressful moments, but, for the most part, it’s been fun,” he said, adding that Quinnipiac and his parents have been very supportive of his business. “Everyone who comes in here wants to look good. They want to go get a job, they want to look good for their friends or they want to go impress somebody.” Burbank wants to take his barber shop to nearby colleges and universities in the immediate future. His long-term goal is to lease similar mobile shops to master barbers.  

Faculty Spotlight

A lifetime of achievement

Margaret Goralski, assistant teaching professor of entrepreneurship & strategy, is an active member within the university as well as the business world. Goralski was recently recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 29th Annual Conference of the International Academy of Business Disciplines, where she serves as vice president of publications. This nonprofit organization was established to foster and promote education in all business disciplines. It facilitates an international exchange of information, ideas and research, and seeks to bridge the gap between business theory and practice. 

Goralski’s research on the rise of artificial intelligence and its effect on business has made its way into several publications. In 2018, she received an Albert Schweitzer Institute Faculty Fellowship to explore how ethics and morals are being embedded into artificial intelligence, and what is necessary for AI to behave in an ethical and moral way.

Goralski truly understands the effect of culture on business and bestows these ideals onto her students. “In my career, I’ve learned a lot about not just business, but cultures,” Goralski said. “I tell my students all the time that when a problem arises in business, it’s usually a cultural one.”

Assistant Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy Margaret Goralski, Ph.D., instructs students, from left, Garrett Caroff ’18, and Sarah Zehentner ’18, in the Center for Communications and Engineering on Tuesday, March 20, 2018.

Leading and learning

Assistant Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy Margaret Goralski, Ph.D., instructs students, from left, Garrett Caroff ’18, and Sarah Zehentner ’18, in the Center for Communications and Engineering.

Career Development

Jill Koehler and Marissa Vafiades ’18 sit at a table with a laptop by windows looking out the quad.

Guiding the future

Jill Koehler, Associate Dean for Career Development, works with student Marissa Vafiades outside the School of Business Career Development Resource Center on Quinnipiac's Mount Carmel Campus.

Your career starts here

Every successful entrepeneur knows the importance of building a strong foundation consisting of of education, instinct and foresite, and we're here to help you along the way. Through a variety of internships, networking opportunities and access to recruiters from many of the most sought after corporations, we help you prepare for a long career filled with success.

Visit our Career Development page to learn more about the many opportunities we offer, here on campus and through our vast network from around the entire country and around the globe.

Career Development

Curriculum and Requirements

BS in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Curriculum

Students majoring in entrepreneurship are required to complete 122 credits.

Business Core Curriculum
Complete the Business Core Curriculum43
University Curriculum
Complete the University Curriculum for School of Business34
Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management Core
ENT 210Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship3
ENT 250Entrepreneurial Skills3
ENT 310Entrepreneurial Creativity3
ENT 320Small Business Marketing3
ENT 330Entrepreneurial Finance3
ENT 340Opportunity Recognition and Negotiation3
ENT 410Business Plan Creation3
ENT 488Entrepreneurship Internship3
Complete one of the following options:6
Option A:
ENT 420
& ENT 430
Entrepreneurial Implementation I
and Entrepreneurial Implementation II
Option B:
Select two of the following entrepreneurship electives:
ENT 290
Digital Businesses
ENT 299
Special Topics in Entrepreneurship
ENT 371
Business Plan Competition
ENT 490
Field Projects
IB 320
Introduction to Global Entrepreneurship
MG 340
Supply Chain Logistics and Technology
SB 360
International Business Immersion
Open Electives
Select 15 credits15
Total Credits122

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