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BS in Human Resource Management

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The BS in Human Resource Management program prepares students to be competent, culturally sensitive and highly organized agents of change in the workplace, ensuring the sustained positivity and productivity of every organization’s most valuable component: its people.

Program Overview

Learn to manage a company’s greatest resource

From local start-ups to large multinational corporations, employers of all kinds need HR leaders to implement policies and strategies that unlock the best in their workforce while preserving their company’s culture and core values. The BS in Human Resource Management program teaches the range of expertise required to meet the challenges of the modern workplace, from technological proficiency to skill in leadership, negotiation, analysis and communication. This program teaches students to be agents of change in the workplace by implementing modern, agile workplace strategies. 

Students learn core business concepts in such subjects as employee relations, analytics, compensation and benefits, recruitment and staffing and diversity, equity and inclusive excellence. Multiple elective pathways allow you to focus on an area of specialization that matches your goals. Professional development is emphasized in the form of internships, regular job fairs, and numerous events sponsored by the campus chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world’s largest HR professional society.

The Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management degree program is fully aligned with the HR Curriculum recognized by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).  Because of this, students in the HRM program are eligible to take the SHRM Certified Professional Exam (SHRM-CP) their senior year. Earning the SHRM-CP credential early on gives you a distinct advantage as you progress in your career. Our constant focus on career-readiness has helped graduates secure a range of positions at companies such as Bloomberg, Uber, Lockheed Martin, People’s United Bank, Google, Terex, Datto Inc., Collins Aerospace, WayUp, Christian Louboutin, Johnson & Johnson, RBC Heim Bearings, and Indeed.com.

Alumni Spotlight

Talent scout

Brittany Hayles ’17 parlayed an internship at Google into a job at the renowned tech giant, and now she’s the one recruiting college students for internships as a diversity staffing specialist at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Hayles, who lives in San Francisco, was hired right after graduation, first as an associate account strategist. In that role, she helped Google advertisers optimize their marketing plans and improve their returns on investment, an area she was exposed to as a marketing solutions intern in 2016.

She enjoyed that role and was successful at it.

“But I knew it was not where I wanted my career to be, long term. I’ve always been really passionate about diversity,” she said. “Growing up as a black woman, I saw people of color underrepresented in every facet of my life. I always wanted to see more people who look like me.”

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School of Business alumna Brittany Hayles smiles while working on her laptop covered in Google stickers

Working with a passion

Brittany Hayles '17 combines her interest in diversity with her degree in management to help Google recruit a workforce that reflects the diversity of its users.

Study Abroad

“One of my course requirements was to participate in an international experience, so I chose to go to Delhi, India, for six weeks with an organized group. There, I learned about a variety of community health projects while gaining cultural competency skills that I can now apply to the classroom and my career in health care management. Coming from a small town in New Hampshire, I never would have imagined I would have the opportunity to do something like this before arriving at Quinnipiac.”
Dori Horne ’17, MBA ‘18
Student Dori Horne in India while completing her undergraduate degree in management.

Global opportunities

Quinnipiac student Dori Horne traveled to India while completing her undergraduate degree in management.


Four members of the Society for Human Resource Management sitting on a couch.

Tradition of excellence

Our Society for Human Resource Management team continues to grow with new programming and professional development opportunities.


Society for Human Resource Management

An award-winning reputation

The School of Business supports a student-run campus chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world’s largest HR professional society. Each year, SHRM@QU offers seminars, workshops and Q&A sessions hosted by guest speakers from nationally recognized businesses and organizations. Members also have the chance to organize special events that address the many current social and societal changes affecting human resources practices in the workplace.

SHRM@QU recently earned the Superior Merit Award from the SHRM for the fifth time. The student group was recognized for providing superior growth and development opportunities to its chapter members. 

In addition to yearly skill-building and networking events, SHRM@QU members have access to a deep network of resources that help them secure internships and other professional opportunities, necessary for kicking off successful careers in human resource management.

SHRM Student Case Competition & Career Summit

In April 2019, SHRM@QU hosted the Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) state chapters/councils Tri-State SHRM Student Case Competition & Career Summit. The annual event is available to SHRM student chapter members and other college students who are exploring HR as a potential career. Participants hear from and engage with tri-state HR professionals, SHRM national staff and fellow attendees. The event is designed to broaden the perspective of student attendees on what it means to be a member of SHRM and a professional in the HR community.

A business student smiles and listens to a speaker while attending a conference
SHRM Superior Merit Award logo
“As we move Together Forward, young professionals like these being honored at distinguished student chapters play a vital role in SHRM’s success. I’m especially honored to thank this year’s award winners because they offer excellent evidence that SHRM’s future is indeed in good hands.”
Johnny C. Taylor Jr.
President & CEO, SHRM

Applied Business Projects

Business problem-solving put to work

Courses in human resource management stress real-world application of skills and concepts through applied business projects. These hands-on projects test your ability to solve some of the most prominent management challenges faced by businesses of all types and sizes. 

Applied business projects cover many crucial subject areas depending on the course, including workforce productivity, dispute resolution and union contract negotiations. You’ll have the opportunity to integrate compensation plans; evaluate and improve staffing systems; and develop virtual training workshops for representatives of real local businesses. Combined with internships, these projects are the best way to gain the creative problem-solving displayed by the most successful business leaders in the most fast-paced environments. 


Faculty dedicated to student success

Quinnipiac’s School of Business professors are committed to the personal and professional success of every student. While passionate scholars and accomplished in their own fields, teaching is their number one priority. Small class sizes, accessible professors with significant industry experience and a close-knit, diverse community create the kind of supporting, enriching environment that is rare. We are personally invested in seeking ways to help our students develop into strong, certified, leading professionals.

Curriculum & Requirements

Students majoring in Human Resource Management are required to complete a total of 122 credits.

Business Core Curriculum (43 credits)

University Curriculum for School of Business (34 credits)

Open Electives (15 credits)

Human Resource Management Core (12 credits)

  • MG 302 Managing People, Projects and Change, 3 credits
  • MG 321 Data Driven Decision Making, 3 credits
  • MG 325 Negotiations and Problem Solving, 3 credits
  • MG 402 Management Senior Seminar 3 credits

Human Resource Management Electives (12 credits)

Select 4 courses from this list of electives:

  • MG 306 Staffing: Recruitment, Selection and Placement, 3 credits
  • MG 311 Advancing Employment Relations, 3 credits
  • MG 345 Training and Development, 3 credits
  • MG 355 Compensation and Benefits, 3 credits
  • MG 488 Management Internship, 3 credits

Electives (6 credits)

Select 2 courses from this list of electives:

  • MG 260 Power and Politics of Leadership, 3 credits
  • MG 307 Nonprofit Management
  • MG 320 Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, 3 credits
  • MG 335 Project Management, 3 credits
  • MG 341 Service Operations Management, 3 credits
  • BAN 300 Statistical Programming, 3 credits
  • BAN 310 Web Analytics, 3 credits
  • BAN 400 Data Mining, 3 credits
  • FIN 310 Investment Analysis, 3 credits
  • FIN 355 Retirement Planning, 3 credits
  • IB 352 International Management, 3 credits

Total: 122 credits