Your Experience

Engineers tackle the technological, scientific and logistical challenges of the 21st century as they change the world for the better. We'll help you become an expert and innovator, a builder and technician, and, of course, a creative thinker and problem-solver.

Our interdisciplinary approach combines intensive collaboration and hands-on learning in our cutting-edge facilities that include an environmental workshop with an atomic absorption spectrometer; a fluids lab with an advanced hydrology study system; a performance optimization workshop, where you’ll use the driving simulator to analyze a variety of road situations or program an automatic assembly process; and a machine shop where you’ll perform guided fabrication activities.

In your first-semester course, World of an Engineer, you’ll explore the breadth of engineering options while taking common foundational courses during that first year. You’ll benefit from talking to peer mentors, upperclassmen and faculty as your narrow your interests, and you’ll meet with an adviser and career development director to discuss career pathways for each of the four programs.