Your Experience

No matter your interest in computer science, whether it’s in big data, e-sports, human-computer interaction (HCI), or web development and virtual/augmented reality, we have a program for it. Computing 360 gives you an overview of our many programs and the opportunity to take introductory courses in any or all of them.

Once you’ve established an interest in a specific discipline — such as data science, information systems, game design, computer science or software development — you’ll have the option of selecting the program that best matches your long-term goals.

You’ll also have the opportunity to minor or even double major in a second computing program. Our advisers are here to assist you in navigating your first-year courses and help you make the right decision that ignites your passion and leads you to success beyond the classroom.

Almost every aspect of our lives involves computers and related technologies. It’s no surprise that careers in computing and IT continue to experience tremendous growth. Our diverse lineup of computing-based academic programs places you at the forefront of that growth, unlocking nearly endless career pathways.