A foundation for future scientists, physicians and other health professionals

The BS in Biomedical Sciences program focuses on human health and disease with a strong emphasis on translational research. You’ll learn how to turn basic scientific findings into new, groundbreaking therapies, and conduct experiments that can help reveal the cure to devastating diseases. The research acumen and lab skills you’ll acquire are as necessary in hospital laboratories as they are at pharmaceutical and life sciences companies.

Some students participate in faculty-mentored research, either during the semester as part of an independent study, or over the summer as part of the Quinnipiac Interdisciplinary Program for Research and Scholarship (QUIP-RS). Students also may have an opportunity to present their findings at regional and national meetings of organizations such as the American College of Sports Medicine, American Society of Microbiology, Society of Neuroscience and many others. Additional hands-on experience can be gained through an internship with a local biotechnology company or health facility.