Quinnipiac played Boston College in the semifinal game of the NCAA Division 1 Men's Hockey Championship Thursday, April 7, 2016, in Tampa, Fl. (Photograph by John Hassett / for Quinnipiac University)

Minor in Sports Studies

Minor Overview

From coverage of the Olympics and athletic scandals to the social activism of athletes, such as Jackie Robinson or Muhammad Ali, the world of sports continues to leave a distinct imprint on our society. Through the sports studies minor, you’ll investigate how this multibillion-dollar industry has become an integral part of our cultural narrative, particularly over the past century. You’ll also learn how sports have influenced many disciplines, such as sociology, law, health science, economics, journalism and advertising.

Specialized courses contribute to your understanding of the sports industry, the media’s coverage of superstar athletes and their contract negotiations, as well as the ethical, physical and mental health issues athletes face. Potential internships and resources in the Ed McMahon Mass Communications Center provide hands-on experience in the fields of sports journalism and public relations.

Curriculum and Requirements

Students can complete the minor by taking six courses for a total of 18 credits. All students must take SPS 101. In addition, students must select at least one SPS course from two of the four areas (arts and sciences, business, communications, health science), with the remaining credits coming from any of the courses offered as part of the minor. Students from the School of Communications can take no more than 6 credits in communications. Classes are corss-listed with the SPS desgination.

Course Structure

Required Course:

SPS 101

Introduction to Sports Studies


Select five of the following:



Electronic News Gathering for Sports (JRN 106)

SPS 200/300/400

Special Topics in Sports Studies

SPS/AT 201

Medical Aspects of Sport & Activity (AT 201)

SPS/LE 224

Sports Law (LE 224)

SPS/MA 226

Baseball and Statistics (MA 226)

SPS/SO 307

Sociology of Sport (SO 307)


Sports Public Relations (STC 311)

SPS/MG 312

Sports Management (MG 312)

SPS/EC 325

Sports Economics (EC 325)


Sports Reporting (JRN 361)


The Story of Football (JRN 362)


Sports, Media & Society (MSS 420)

SPS 488


SPS 490/JRN 590

Newsroom Clinical (JRN 590)

SPS 498

Student Media Independent Study

SPS 499

Independent Study

Total Credits