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Our BS in Sport and Entertainment Management program offers three distinct tracks designed to teach you the business side of sports, eSports or entertainment. This interdisciplinary program combines career-driven coursework from the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Business and School of Communications with projects and internship opportunities, giving you the skillset you need to successfully manage behind-the-scenes functions, such as marketing, finance, event management and facility management.

Whichever track you choose, you will become proficient in the data and technology tools needed to thrive as a talent management professional. Likewise, you will learn how to apply the critical thinking skills, analytical skills, communication skills and cultural adaptability to drive purpose, ideas and innovation.

Sports, eSports and entertainment careers include key roles as digital producers, media planners, social media strategists, marketing managers, communications managers and general managers. As technology opens new doors and new opportunities for talent management professionals, the growth of the sports, eSports and entertainment industries is unmistakable.

Forbes magazine recently listed the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys as the world’s most valuable sports franchise with a value of $5.7 billion; Forbes also listed Los Angeles-based TSM as the world’s most valuable eSports company with a value of $410 million. The script is even more lucrative at content-producing giants such as Amazon, Netflix and Walt Disney Studios with brand values among the top 30 in the world, according to Forbes.

The need is clear for industry-ready graduates to make a difference at these and other sports, eSports and entertainment ventures. Our BS in Sport and Entertainment Management program will help you get there.