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Act. Innovate. Transform.

We will prepare you to be an outstanding education professional — classroom teacher, school leader, special educator or instructional designer. Our award-winning faculty and dynamic, hands-on curricula provide the tools you will need to make a difference in schools, universities, organizations and communities: taking action; thinking innovatively; transforming lives.

The School of Education is nationally accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Education Preparation (CAEP). This accreditation will provide you with the confidence that our education will deliver on your career needs.


Master’s Degree and Certificate Programs

We offer multiple paths to your future — on-campus or online.


Average Class Size

Our faculty focus on your success, so our programs reflect a student-centered approach.


Partnerships in the Community

We have extensive partnerships with more than 10 school districts, including three professional development programs that provide unlimited field learning opportunities.


Professor Anne Dichele, Director of the Master of Arts in Teaching Program, starts class with "morning meeting" Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016 in the School of Education on Quinnipiac's North Haven campus. (Autumn Driscoll / Quinnipiac University)

Learning from her experience

Anne Dichele, interim dean of the School of Education and director of the MAT program, begins class with "morning meeting."

Inspiring the next generation of teachers

Professor Anne Dichele is typical of our faculty in an important way: she has worked in the classroom and learned what works. In 1997, she was one of six public school educators who capitalized on a new Connecticut state law allowing charter schools and founded an academically challenging, cooperative-learning-based charter school in an urban school district in Norwalk. She continues to serve as chair of the Side by Side Charter School’s board of directors.

Dichele brings invaluable perspective to her students—from someone who has been there and made a difference in education. She also continues to look for new ways to make a difference. The combination is a hallmark of our faculty here.

By the Numbers


Well Placed

Percentage of our Class of 2015 master of arts in teaching students who were full-time teachers within 12 months of graduation.


High-Caliber Candidates

Average grade point average of our 2015 School of Education graduates.


World-Sized Opportunities

Number of states where recent graduates have obtained teaching, leadership and instructional design positions, from New Hampshire to North Carolina to Colorado to California.

Career Development

Church Street School Principal Stacie D'Antonio, EDL '10, meets with Intervention Specialist Sara Boyd, a 2014 Quinnipiac grad, Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016, at their school in Hamden. (Autumn Driscoll / Quinnipiac University)

Alumni learning from alumni

Church Street School Principal Stacie D'Antonio, EDL '10, meets with intervention specialist Sara Boyd '14 at their Hamden school.

Career Development

Develop the skills to change your community — and the world

At Quinnipiac’s School of Education, we place great emphasis on career preparation and placement. We expose our students to great teaching, and also to the great challenges in inner-city school districts. We send students each year on a mind-expanding service trip to Nicaragua. We support them as they research and present papers at national teachers’ conferences. As our students prepare to graduate, we invite area education professionals to take part in mock job interviews, giving students the kind of real-world feedback that will help when the interviews count.

Opportunities for Students

  • Resume writing and interview workshops
  • Individual career advising and counseling sessions
  • International service trips
  •  Help with in-state and out-of-state certification process
  • University-sponsored teaching job fairs
  • Mock interview sessions with instructional design professionals, school principals and superintendents

In Their Words

Gain real-world teaching experience

Even at an early age, Rebecca Rice ’14, MAT ’15, knew she wanted to be a teacher. 

"I always found my teachers to be incredibly helpful," she said. "Watching them make such an impact on their students made me want to do the same when I got older."

Rice's lifelong desire to teach and help others was reinforced by her work experience in real classrooms through the School of Education's five-year master's program in elementary education. As part of her course work, Rice spent two hours every week in a fifth-grade classroom at Fair Haven School in New Haven, Connecticut helping out with lesson plans and working one on one with students. 

"I love walking into the classroom and having those 'light bulb moments' with the students," said Rice, who is now a fourth-grade teacher in Farmington, Connecticut. "You just all of a sudden see them get it and you know you helped them get to that point. That, for me, is the most rewarding part of teaching."

Rebecca Rice:: education student with a concentration in history. November 22:: 2013.

Fulfilling a lifelong passion

Rebecca Rice '14, MAT '15, earned a five-year BA/MAT with a concentration in history.

Centers and Resources

Spaces that inspire

The School of Education occupies nearly 6,000 square feet on our North Haven Campus, with a variety of sophisticated facilities designed to train future teachers. Many of your classes will be held in technologically advanced rooms that feature touch-screen SMART boards, and elementary and secondary education students have access to a small library with specialized books and materials. 

The Curriculum Center is ideal for class meetings, Praxis workshops and other group work, and is equipped with a Polyvision board and modern projection equipment. You'll have all the tools you need to be prepared for a successful career as an educator.  

We also have partnerships with two local schools - Side by Side Charter School and Fair Haven School, both of which provide opportunities for hands-on professional development experiences. 

Centers and Resources
Professor Cindy Kern, director of the Bristol Meyer Squibb Center for Science Teaching & Learning, teaches an education class in our School of Education.

Educating the next generation of educators

Professor Cindy Kern, director of the Bristol Meyer Squibb Center for Science Teaching & Learning, teaches an education class in our School of Education.

Our Work

Work that lifts all students

A student enjoys teaching so much that he spends more than the 20 required semester hours observing students at a high school in New Haven – and then is hired full time by the school during his student-teaching year. A graduate becomes a high school principal, and sets out to build partnerships with local universities to give his students college experience and help them make a smoother transition to college. A faculty member writes a book exploring the data and rationale behind common myths in American education, and nudges the national conversation toward what really works. In these and hundreds of stories like them, our students, alumni and faculty are doing work that matters.

Students already touching lives. Alumni in leadership roles. Experienced faculty working to change the status quo. It’s what we do.


The School of Education is nationally accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), the organization responsible for professional accreditation for teacher education, under the National Council for Accreditation for Teacher Education (NCATE) standards, and by the Connecticut State Department of Education.

School of Education graduates earn exceptionally high scores on licensure examinations required for certification both within and outside the state of Connecticut, including the Praxis II tests for elementary and secondary teacher candidates in the master of arts in teaching program, as well as the Connecticut Administrators' Test (CAT) taken by the candidates in the sixth-year diploma program in educational leadership.

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