Minor Overview

Political science is profoundly relevant in fields beyond government, such as medicine, business, technology, economics and law. This minor examines the history, theory and science behind how governments operate and how they relate to the people they serve. In your classes, you will discuss politics in local, national and international contexts and explore the ways in which politics influences society.

You’ll have the flexibility to design a program based on your interests and that complements your major. You can choose from courses that focus on international relations, political communication, public opinion and presidential politics. You’re also free to experience the political arena first-hand through an internship with the Connecticut Legislature in Hartford or a local campaign. Working at a media outlet, you’ll learn about political journalism. Whatever your career ambitions, a basic foundation in political science will be an effective launching pad.


Curriculum and Requirements

Political Science Minor Curriculum

A minor in political science is awarded upon completion of 18 credits in political science with a grade of C or better. At least 6 credits must be earned at the 300 level or above. No more than 3 credits of internship in political science (PO 295 or PO 395) may count toward completion of the minor.

Possible courses include:
PO 101Issues in Politics3
PO 131Introduction to American Government and Politics3
PO 205Public Policy and Administration3
PO 206Ethics and Public Policy3
PO 209Environmental Politics and Policy3
PO 211Introduction to International Relations3
PO 215Political Theory3
PO 216American Political Thought3
PO 217Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy (PL 217)3
PO 219Women and Political Thought (WS 219)3
PO 221Introduction to Latin America3
PO 225American Political Movements3
PO 227The Politics of Intimacy3
PO 231Elections and Political Parties (SL: Service Learning)3
PO 245International Political Economy3
PO 247Actors and Processes in U.S. Foreign Policy3
PO 270State and Local Government3
PO 280Congress and the President3
PO 295Internship in Political Science1-3
PO 297Simulating International Organizations1
PO 301Critical Thinking About Politics4
PO 302The Global Civic Dilemma4
PO 311Topics in International Relations3
PO 312Philosophy of War and Peace (PL 312)3
PO 315Democratic Theory and Practice3
PO 317International Law (LE 317)3
PO 319International Interventions3
PO 321Comparative Government3
PO 325Political Psychology and Public Opinion3
PO 331Topics in Comparative Government3
PO 333Middle Eastern History and Politics3
PO 334Topics in African Politics3
PO 335Politics of Race and Ethnicity3
PO 337Human Rights: Theory and Practice (PL 337)3
PO 342Comparative Constitutional Law (LE 342)3
PO 348Political Communication3
PO 353American Constitutional Law (LE340)3
PO 354Civil Rights and Civil Liberties3
PO 360Topics in American Politics3
PO 362Presidential Election Campaigns (SL: Service Learning)4
PO 365Inside Washington, D.C.3
PO 370State and Local Government3
PO 387Women and Public Policy (WS 387)3
PO 399Independent Study in Political Science1-10

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