A foundation for future scientists, physicians and other health professionals

A BS/MHS in Biomedical Sciences is an excellent foundation for future health professionals. This dual-degree program offers concentrations in Medical Sciences or Microbiology and provides a strong foundation for those wishing to continue their education in areas such as medicine, toxicology, immunology, pharmacology or a doctoral program. Graduates may choose a career in university-based research, medical diagnostics or biotechnology industries, among other areas available to graduates of this program.

The BS/MHS in Biomedical Sciences program provides students with the cutting-edge facilities to practice the skills they learn in the classroom. Students use critical thinking to analyze research that can uncover scientific breakthroughs and professional standards to evaluate the social and ethical impacts of such discoveries.

Students begin their first graduate course as an undergraduate for a seamless entry into their master’s program. All graduate students choose a specialization and work with an adviser to plan their course of studies. For students continuing their studies in medical school or another health-related professional school, we offer pre-med and pre-health advising to help you plan your course schedule. We can also assist you with the medical school or professional school application process.