The Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning aims to engage faculty through scholarly pedagogical practices for a student-centered learning environment.

Center for Teaching and Learning

Quinnipiac’s Center for Teaching and Learning is a network of faculty and staff who work to improve the quality of student learning by exploring the principles of effective teaching, supporting scholarship and encouraging communication and collaboration across campus. The center aims to transform the Quinnipiac learning experience for students and faculty while working in tandem with Writing Across the Curriculum and the Research and Writing Institute.

The center is pleased to offer a variety of services for members of the University community:

  • Workshops on a variety of pedagogical topics, including civility in and out of the classroom, lecturing techniques, active learning, flipped classrooms, discussion, etc.
  • Individual consultation with faculty on effective pedagogy, including department-based consulting
  • Research opportunities for faculty and student affairs personnel
  • Classroom observations for all faculty for preparation of promotion and tenure files
  • Resources for topics related to teaching and learning including books, journals and consultation
  • Training on using the latest technology in the classroom
  • Innovative teaching strategies, including the use of desirable difficulties and testing effect
  • Support for new faculty in terms of guidance for teaching and development of an approach to teaching    

Writing Across the Curriculum

Charting a path toward success

At Quinnipiac University, strong critical thinking and writing skills lead to more than higher grades. They improve students’ understanding of concepts and theories, help them to gain confidence in expressing their own ideas, and establish the groundwork for professional development and lifelong learning.

Members of Quinnipiac University Writing Across the Curriculum (QUWAC) are part of an international, faculty-driven initiative to improve student writing and critical thinking skills throughout all collegiate disciplines.

QUWAC is an interdisciplinary faculty committee that was formed in 2001 to promote practices that lead to better student thinking and stronger student writing. Since its inception, QUWAC has embraced three basic assumptions in its core mission:

  • That writing is an active, recursive and powerful form of thinking
  • That the most effective approach to improving student writing is through improving student's critical thinking skills
  • That some combination of informal writing and formal writing provides the best means to model critical thinking and writing with students

QUWAC trainers have conducted three-day workshops with more than 400 faculty, full- and part-time, using techniques that embody the essential philosophic principles of the program. In addition to our work on campus, QUWAC is a founding member of the New England Writing Across the Curriculum Consortium (NEWACC), which provides us with opportunities to disseminate our work regionally, and to learn from the experiences of our colleagues at other similar institutions.  

Research and Writing Institute

Building learning, teaching and scholarship communities

The Research and Writing Institute is the administrative arm of Quinnipiac University Writing Across the Curriculum. The institute provides assistance to individual teachers, departments and schools using a foundation of critical thinking and writing pedagogies. It assumes a lead role in disseminating QUWAC strategies; supports scholarship, collaboration, and training; and maintains a repository of ideas, strategies and assignments proven to be successful in our program. 

The institute allows the executive committee to focus on the strategic plan for the program, thus encouraging its development. Towards this end, it manages QUWAC’s biennial conference; coordinates campus and off-campus training programs; maintains the QUWAC database; manages the online journal Double Helix; publishes QUWAC Notes, a biannual newsletter; and hosts faculty writing retreats. 

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