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Our programs are carefully crafted to provide students with immersive experiences and practical skills needed for success in the ever-evolving world of digital communication. From internships with leading companies and organizations to real-world projects that put theory into practice, we empower our students to navigate the complex landscape of social media management, content creation and online community engagement.

Unleash your digital potential

Gain hands-on experience in the digital landscape

At Quinnipiac, we recognize that the realm of social media is a dynamic and influential force in today's digital landscape. Our experiential learning opportunities are uniquely designed to empower students to excel in this ever-evolving field. Through hands-on experiences, internships with industry leaders and courses grounded in the latest social media trends and practices, our students gain the practical knowledge and real-world exposure required to thrive in the world of social media. We're proud to offer a range of experiential learning opportunities tailored to this exciting and influential industry.

  • QU in LA, where you'll live, work and learn in the heart of America’s entertainment industry with a media market that reaches more than 5 million people daily.

  • The Quinnipiac Chronicle, the official student-run newspaper, and Q30, the official student-run television station at Quinnipiac, both with active social media accounts.

  • Ability Media addresses the lack of representation of people with different abilities in content and jobs in media. One highlight of their work is creating accessible content covering the Super Bowl.

  • Student organizations such as Quinnipiac's chapters of the Public Relations Student Society of America and the American Marketing Association.

  • The Quinnipiac Bobcats Sports Network (QBSN) is a student-run organization that offers students the opportunity to become active sports journalists through live streaming all Quinnipiac sports, running a website and social media presence and publishing a magazine.

  • Internship opportunities across the digital marketing landscape.

Partner with real clients

Interested in pursuing a career in advertising, marketing, public relations or graphic and interactive design? Build your portfolio and sharpen your skills as you work with real clients at The Agency — our award-winning and student-run interdisciplinary firm.

ADPR 405: The Agency

Under the guidance of our esteemed faculty, The Agency has successfully funneled student creativity and passion into projects all areas of communications.

Learn more about The Agency 

Learn the latest trends

Demonstrate your expertise

Degrees and Programs

Quinnipiac University offers an array of undergraduate and graduate degree programs that prepare students for successful careers in the world of social media. Learn more about the nuances of each offering to best determine your pathway.

Social Media Focused Courses

Our classes bridge the gap between the industry and the classroom, facilitating in-depth exploration of a variety of topics. Below are just a few examples of the courses available to students with a focus on social media.

  • ADPR 201: Writing for Strategic Comm - This writing-intensive course introduces students to the world of professional advertising and public relations writing. Topics include press releases and other print tactics, online content and social media. 

  • COM 215: Social Media and Society - The focus of this course is to provide students the foundational skills necessary to become "influencers" in the social space. Students evaluate the relationship of social media with various communication industries, examine the rise of social media and its effect on social interaction and audience behaviors and analyze social media strategies and their effectiveness from a personal and organizational perspective. 

  • MK 301: Internet Marketing - This course explores the rapidly evolving world of Internet marketing and examines the strategies and tactics that firms can use to utilize the Internet as an effective marketing tool. Students discuss search engine marketing, social media tools, web site design and Internet advertising.

  • ADPR 320: Strategies for Social Media - This course addresses the impact of social and mobile media in an integrated profession. It focuses on strategically using social media to conduct research and monitor issues, to develop, implement and evaluate the success of public relations, advertising and integrated communication efforts.

  • MK 333: Digital Marketing and Electronic Channels of Distribution - Digital marketing is rapidly evolving, and technological advances are changing channels of distribution in fundamental ways. This course examines the strategies and tactics that firms utilize to engage customers through digital, mobile and search engine marketing. The strategic use of social media is explored.

Student Spotlight

Matthew Vogel

Student marketing coordinator brings out a taste of happiness on campus

Matthew Vogel ’24, MS ’25, a marketing coordinator for Quinnipiac’s dining halls, plans fun, food-themed events during the fall and spring semesters to provide students with a positive boost in their day.

“This job has been essential in my understanding of the importance of social media and digital marketing,” said Vogel. “I have learned how to fully utilize platforms like Instagram to compose unique and engaging content that raises interactivity between consumers and an organization. I have also learned about the importance of brand image and personality, which when followed, can lead individuals to feel like they have a relationship with the organization and know what to expect.”

Vogel is a public relations major and attributes the skills he has learned in the classroom as well as from his mentors at his job to have helped enhance his performance as a marketing coordinator.

Read the full story on Quinnipiac Today

Career Paths

Our programs position you for a growing number of specialized and in-demand opportunities in the realm of social media, as well as a wide array of potential careers.

  • Social Media Specialist/Manager/Director

  • Digital Media Supervisor

  • Online Community/Engagement Manager

  • Social Media Analyst

  • Public Relations Manager

  • Digital Marketing Manager

  • Brand Advocate/Manager

  • Online Communication Director

  • Content Manager

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