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Housing Selection and Assignment Process

Quinnipiac offers many housing options for everyone to make their new space their home. Learn more about the process for selecting housing as a current student, new student or as a graduate student.

Housing Selection and Assignment Details

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Sophomore Housing Process: March 28-29, 2023

Rising sophomores are given the opportunity to live on the Mount Carmel Campus or on the York Hill Campus. Room selection is conducted through a lottery system. 

Below are the housing selection process steps for rising sophomore students:

  1. Log into MyHousing
  2. Review and sign the housing contract
  3. Select roommates and accept their request
  4. Select available housing on the assigned date

Sophomores are have the opportunity to live in select Living-Learning Communities (LLC) where students live among groups who share the same passion, ambition, and programs. Learn more about Living-Learning Communities

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Junior Housing Process: March 23-24, 2023

Rising juniors live on the York Hill Campus or in Whitney Village. Room selection is conducted through a lottery system. 

Below are the housing selection process steps for rising junior students:

  1. Log into MyHousing
  2. Review and sign the housing contract
  3. Select roommates and accept their request
  4. Select available housing on the assigned lottery date

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Senior Housing Process: November 17, 2022

Rising seniors live on the York Hill Campus, Whitney Village, or have the option to live off-campus. Room selection is conducted through a lottery system. 

Below are the housing selection process steps for rising senior students:

  1. Log into MyHousing
  2. Review and sign the housing contract
  3. Select roommates and accept their request
  4. Select available housing on the assigned date

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Frequently Asked Questions for Current Students

Below are answers to frequently asked questions for current students who are selecting sophomore, junior or senior housing for the following academic year.

If you are logged into MyQ, you can access MyHousing at any time by using the link below:


You can also click on the MyHousing link from the Residential Life page of MyQ

Login is required for MyHousing and MyQ.

No, students who entered Quinnipiac as a first-year student in the Fall of 2021 and thereafter are required to live in university housing for the first three years of their academic experience (six semesters, not including summer and winter terms).

Students are required to fill individual bedrooms during the selection process (e.g. two students for a double, one student for a single).

Students can select an entire living unit and fill all of the bedrooms (based on availability at the time of their selection) or they can choose to fill only one or some of the available bedrooms in the unit.

All available bedrooms in The CrescentThe HillTownhouses, and The Village will be doubles.

The Complex (Sahlin, Founders, Bakke), Eastview, Westview, and Whitney Village will be a combination of singles and doubles.

All available bedrooms in Quinnipiac-owned, off-campus houses will be singles.

Once you have completed your contract on MyHousing, you can select students who have also completed the contract. Every student in the group must request every other person within the group as a roommate. Roommate selection will remain open throughout the room selection process.

You must be a fully matched group to select housing. If the group is not fully matched, you'll see a list of which roommates are not matched on MyHousing.

Once your group has selected a room, you cannot leave that group to be part of another group.

Each person in the roommate group must complete the following:

  1. Log into MyHousing
  2. Review and sign the housing contract
  3. Select the Room and Roommate tab
  4. Go to Roommates tab
  5. Search for other students using their last name and then their first name. Click send a roommate request. (Please note: only students who have completed the housing contract will be available for selection for a roommate group.)
  6. All roommates will need to confirm pending roommate requests. 

Residential Life sponsors a roommate social to assist students who are looking for roommates. Students can also use their personal networks and/or social media to seek roommates.

Each student who completed the contract prior to the deadline will receive a selection number. Selection numbers are randomly generated by a computer. 


Selection numbers will be available on MyHousing on March 20, 2023 after 2 p.m. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see your number and the corresponding selection date and time. 


No. Selection numbers are personal to each student and cannot be exchanged.


The student in the group with the lowest selection number will have the earliest time to select for the group.

There is a chat feature that will be available on MyHousing while the selection process is actively taking place. Our staff will also be available in person at the Office of Housing and Residential Life (behind the Bobcat Den on the Mount Carmel Campus).

Your group will only be able to view and select from spaces that your group may fit into and that you are eligible for.

Students must fill individual bedrooms, but are not required to fill an entire suite. You cannot assign one person in a double room without a roommate.

If there are no spaces available to accommodate for the size of your group, you can immediately change your group size by going into the Roommate Selection page to alter the size. Each person in the group must make the same changes to remain a fully matched group. 

Once your group has selected a room, you will not be able to change it until after the completion of the room selection process. Please contact the Office of Housing and Residential Life at residentiallife@qu.edu or 203-582-8666 in mid-April to inquire about available rooms.

Please note that it is unlikely that there will be full, empty suites after the selection process is over.

After the selection process is complete, please email Housing and Residential Life at residentiallife@qu.edu with your requested bedroom assignments and copy all of the roommates involved. Accommodations cannot be made without the prior knowledge of the roommates.

Students who complete the housing contract by the deadline are guaranteed a space in university housing. Students who are not part of a group can select a single room if available. If no single rooms are available, the student will be placed into an available room at the end of the selection process.

Yes, all students are required to have a meal plan.

  • Students living on the Mount Carmel or York Hill Campuses will receive the default Gold meal plan. Students who have the gold meal plan will have the opportunity to change to Silver, Platinum or Platinum Plus.

  • Students who live in Whitney Village or in Quinnipiac-owned houses will receive the default Bronze meal plan, and have the opportunity to upgrade their meal plan to Silver, Gold, Platinum or Platinum Plus.

All students have the opportunity to make changes to their meal plan after the room selection process concludes and up until the end of the add/drop period for the affected semester.

Learn more about meal plans

Yes, there is free shuttle service between the Mount Carmel, York Hill and North Haven Campuses and Whitney Village.

Learn more about shuttles

All students who paid the deposit and agreed to the contract are included in the selection process. If you select a room and then decide to go abroad in the fall semester, the fall assignment will be canceled.

You cannot have a room assignment on campus during a semester you are abroad and the university will not hold your space while you are abroad. 

The Housing Office will contact you in the fall semester to confirm your plans to return to university housing for the spring semester and you will be assigned at that time.

Yes, the Housing Office accepts housing contracts year-round and will assign students to spaces that are available at the time. Please contact residentiallife@qu.edu or 203-582-8666 for more information.

Housing Resources

Resident undergraduate student housing contract

Sign your housing contract and pay your housing reservation fee so that you can live close to friends, close to classes, and have 24-hour support from university staff. Please review the housing contract carefully before signing as it is a legally binding agreement.

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Sign the Housing Contract

Recently admitted to Quinnipiac? New students will receive information about their housing process in the summer through QStart.

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We offer more than a dozen modern residence halls featuring traditional, apartment and suite-style accommodations that foster a community environment with options to ensure your living space fits your life. Every residence hall is comfortable and welcoming, and each has its own unique character and style.

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Review some of our suggestions for what to pack to make your space feel like home, as well as important dates regarding move-in and hall closings.

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Room and board rates

Quinnipiac housing offers a variety of housing options, including traditional-style residence halls, as well as suites, apartments and houses. The rates include WiFi, live-in professional staff, 24-hour on-call maintenance and emergency staff, and laundry facilities, and more. Dining plans include access to dining options across our three campuses, with multiple levels available.

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