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Housing Selection and Assignment Process

Quinnipiac offers many housing options for everyone to make their new space their home. Learn more about the process for selecting housing as a current student, new student or as a graduate student.

Housing Selection and Assignment Details

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Incoming First-Year and Transfer Student Housing Assignment Process: Summer 2024
Housing assignments for incoming students are available on MyHousing!

All eligible incoming students will sign up for Quinnipiac housing via Q-start. Students will review and sign their housing contract on MyHousing.

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Please feel free to contact the Office of Housing with any questions about housing assignments, parental verification, or roommate requests. We can be reached at residentiallife@qu.edu or 203-582-8666 and will be happy to assist.

Sign Your Housing Contract on Q-Start

First-year students may access information about the housing contract and assignment process on Q-Start.

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Parental Verification of Housing Contracts

If a student is under the age of 18, parental verification is required for their housing contract to be complete. Students over 18 can complete their contracts without parental verification. We recommend that all students review the contract with their parents/guardians before signing.

Students must provide an email address for their parent/guardian Emergency Contact when filling out the housing contract. The student’s parent/guardian will receive an email to this address to verify and complete the contract. Pending verification, the student’s contract is considered incomplete, and they will not be able to move forward in the housing process until the parent/guardian verification is complete.

My College Roomie – Lifestyle Survey and Roommate Selection

When the student’s contract is complete, they will receive a separate email (within 24 hours), sent to their QU email address, inviting them to log into My College Roomie where they will submit the required lifestyle questionnaire and they can identify and select a roommate, if desired. We ask students to fill out the questionnaire in its entirety even if they plan to select a roommate.

If students are selecting a roommate, we recommend that they review their answers to the lifestyle questionnaire to confirm that they are a good match for each other.

Please note: In order to be assigned together, students’ roommate requests must be mutual and both roommates must have met their financial obligations and health requirements by the published deadlines.

Roommate Requests and Living-Learning Communities (LLCs)

Roommate requests will supersede Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) requests. If a student wishes to live in an LLC, they must be sure that their requested roommate has selected the same LLC. If a roommate pair selects different LLCs, they will remain a pair but they will not be placed in the LLC.

LLC requests/preferences will be due in April 2024, and roommate requests will also be due in April 2024.

Contact Information for the Office of Housing

Please feel free to contact the Office of Housing with any questions about housing assignments, parental verification, or roommate requests. We can be reached at residentiallife@qu.edu or 203-582-8666 and will be happy to assist.

Housing Resources

Resident undergraduate student housing contract

Sign your housing contract and pay your housing reservation fee so that you can live close to friends, close to classes, and have 24-hour support from university staff. Please review the housing contract carefully before signing as it is a legally binding agreement.

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Sign the Housing Contract

Recently admitted to Quinnipiac? New students may access information about their housing process in the summer through Q-Start.

Explore all housing options

We offer more than a dozen modern residence halls featuring traditional, apartment and suite-style accommodations that foster a community environment with options to ensure your living space fits your life. Every residence hall is comfortable and welcoming, and each has its own unique character and style.

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Room and board rates

Quinnipiac housing offers a variety of housing options, including traditional-style residence halls, as well as suites, apartments and houses. The rates include WiFi, live-in professional staff, 24-hour on-call maintenance and emergency staff, and laundry facilities, and more. Dining plans include access to dining options across our three campuses, with multiple levels available.

Room and board rates

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