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Our programs are carefully crafted to provide students with real world experiences and practical skills needed for success in any classroom. Our immersive, hands-on curriculum consists of classes, internships and student teaching experiences to shape you as a leader in education.

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Great educators have the ability to change lives. As a future educator, how you learn your craft should reflect an evolving profession aimed at cultivating a new generation of young minds. At Quinnipiac, our goal is to prepare you for 21st-century careers in education by fostering personal and intellectual transformation. We strive to empower our graduates to affect change within themselves and others to move toward a more just and equitable society. Our approach integrates modern theories of teaching and learning with the practical application of those theories.

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Seamlessly transition to the School of Education

Quinnipiac offers an array of undergraduate and graduate degree programs that prepare students for successful careers in education. There are a number of programs within the College of Arts and Sciences that pair well with our Dual-Degree BA or BS/MAT programs in ElementarySecondary and Special Education. These programs allow you to gain the hands-on skills needed to thrive in a classroom and enable you to seamlessly complete both your undergraduate and graduate studies in just five years.

Tuition Remission

Earn your master’s degree without breaking the bank

In the Dual-Degree BA or BS/MAT programs in ElementarySecondary and Special Education, you will experience significant cost savings while pursuing your graduate degree. Your first graduate courses begin immediately after you complete your undergraduate degree during the summer semesters; these are the only semesters you will be responsible for paying the full tuition and fees. You will then begin interning in a school while attending evening courses throughout the fall and spring semesters. The work you complete during this internship will cover a significant portion of your tuition, so you will only pay for credits and fees associated with student teaching.

Field-Based Experience By the Numbers

80 Hours

Dual-degree MAT students complete 80 hours of work in public school settings in their junior and senior years.

13 Months

Graduate MAT students gain practical experience as interns or school employees during the fall and spring, and are eligible to be hired as teachers of record following the second summer semester.

63 Partner Schools

Quinnipiac places students 63 partner school in more than 22 partner districts.

Immerse yourself in your learning

A Quinnipiac School of Education student works with an academic advisor.

We're proud to offer a range of experiential learning opportunities tailored to this exciting and influential industry. Our experiential learning opportunities are uniquely designed to empower students to excel in this ever-evolving field. Through hands-on experiences, student teaching opportunities and courses grounded in immersive learning, we'll help shape you into a leader in education.

  • Student organizations such as Quinnipiac Future Teachers Organization (QFTO), which organizes events in public schools throughout Connecticut and the Community Action Project, which allows you to bring the spirit of service to the very populations you may one day be teaching.

  • QU Advancing Diversity in Science (QUADS), which encourages high school students in Connecticut to develop science skills and knowledge through a place-based science education experience supported by Quinnipiac student mentors.

  • Mock interviews for you to sit down with principals and superintendents from across the state of Connecticut.

  • 80 hours of work in public school settings throughout your junior and senior years and spend your graduate year in one school where you complete an internship and student teach under the guidance of a veteran educator.

  • Teacher Leadership Conferences Study Abroad/International Travel which allows students to travel or study abroad in their sophomore or junior years where they have the option to complete fieldwork in an overseas country or take faculty-led credit courses that include study abroad.

  • Our facilities host state-of-the-art learning areas such as two specially equipped classrooms with touch-screen SMART Boards and a dedicated library that houses books and materials for the elementary and secondary education students.

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