Your Experience

There are many paths to explore in the world of business. Entering the school as an undeclared student gives you the opportunity to explore a breadth of disciplines, from finance and management to marketing, entrepreneurship and business analytics. Whatever your future may hold, we’ll provide you with all of the tools you’ll need to transition to a major that fits you by the end of your second year.

You’ll spend your first few semesters taking courses that expose you to such diverse subjects as accounting, international supply chain management and data analysis. The School of Business core curriculum is designed to develop a wide knowledge and skill base, while strong, personalized advising will guide you to the specific program that best complements your strengths and interests. Our BS in Applied Business is one great option if you decide that you want to keep your focus on a broad range of competencies.

Undeclared business offers the same experiential learning opportunities as other business majors, including internships and study abroad, as well as membership to student-run clubs and professional organizations. Additionally, you’ll have access to a bevvy of career development resources, including annual job and recruitment fairs, as well as individualized resume feedback, interview preparation and career boot camps.