Undeclared Majors

Define your path

It’s possible that you won’t have a clear picture of what your future looks like straight away. From Law in Society and Game Design and Development to Behavioral Neuroscience, there is a breadth of subjects you’ve probably never been exposed to, or even considered. It’s also possible that you come to us with an interest in several academic subjects, or one larger than the scope of a traditional major.

In most cases, students who come to us undeclared do so because “majors” no longer fit their sense of place in a professional setting. As an undeclared student at Quinnipiac, you will find that place.

Student holds a notebook and wears a backpack as he walks down a path surrounded by pine trees

On course

Sam Leis '20 walks through the path in Pine Grove leading to the Center for Arts and Sciences

Our first-semester course for undeclared students will help you define your unique strengths and goals while giving you the opportunity to explore those many program options. This course provides instructional learning in a supportive network of like-minded students. A faculty adviser specifically trained to work with undeclared students will lead you not only to the right major(s), but set you on a path to personal, academic and career-focused growth.

This patient, guided exploration enables you to make a thoughtful decision about your college career at its very beginning. The outcome will be the program – perhaps a dual major, or a major with a minor – that speaks to your talents and deepest interests. Moreover, it places you on a long-term path to success doing what it is you love.

“The classes I was able to take as an undeclared student enabled me to evaluate all of the opportunities Quinnipiac had to offer. It was a wonderful experience that allowed me to be confident in the decisions I've made, and that ultimately will affect my career path.”
Nicole Doss '18, MAT '19
BA in Sociology, MAT in Elementary Education

Life after Quinnipiac

A lifetime of success and growth

Our promise is that in four years your education will evolve, and so will you. You’ll leave here with the experience and confidence necessary to contribute meaningfully to any professional environment, or to pursue post-graduate study. Graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences have also enrolled in our schools of law and medicine upon graduation.

Our graduates continue to build upon their success in a range of fields. Their professional journey takes them to new heights because they are able to acquire and integrate new forms of knowledge, adapt to new technologies, and have the social and interpersonal intelligence to work with anyone, anywhere. In short, their education continues to work for them.

To get there, we’ll make sure you take full advantage of all of the career-building resources available, from internships to career fairs and a network of supportive alumni and accessible faculty.

“I learned at Quinnipiac that to be a chemist is to be a problem solver. This can apply to much more than just chemistry and I have brought that knowledge into all areas of my life, including my business.”
Eric Weinstein ’90
President & CEO, Laboratory Synergy, LLC


Successful outcomes

Ninety-six percent of the Class of 2018 was either employed or in graduate school 6 months after graduation.