Where creative minds intersect

The breadth of programs offered in the College of Arts and Sciences gives you all of the traditional strengths of a liberal arts education, strengthened with focuses on career preparedness and interdisciplinary collaboration 

You’ll learn critical and analytical thinking, persuasive writing and strong communication skills, but also discover how you can apply your specific knowledge and expertise to meet the social, technological and creative demands of the 21st-century workplace.

How important are these skills? Nearly every Quinnipiac student takes arts and sciences courses, and they are stronger for it. The breadth of subjects and sheer number of degree programs give you the opportunity to add an important dimension to your education, expanding upon what you can "do" with it. 

All paths truly do intersect here. 


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Professor Shar Walbaum talks with a female student who is sitting at a desk

Focused teaching

Sharlene Walbaum, professor of psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences, confers with student Jasmina Kolenovic during her course on the history of psychology.

Education with you in mind

You have options. We challenge you to take advantage of those options to define yourself and your education and to discover the point where your abilities and passions intersect. You aren’t alone in your challenge. The point of 360 Advising is to help you to understand all of the choices available to you throughout your time here. Together, we’ll closely review your strengths, and help you to discover new interests and directions. As this process evolves, so do you.

Finely tuned research capability, intercultural awareness, logic and reasoning, artistic expression and interpretation — these are universal skills designed to make you knowledgeable, cultured, as well as flexible and adaptable. You’ll become proactive, and seek out opportunities to explore and improve. You’ll leave here with the experience and confidence necessary to adapt and contribute meaningfully to any professional environment, or to pursue post-graduate study.

Life after Quinnipiac

Our tailored, nationally recognized, experiential approach to education expands not only the skills and knowledge of our students, but the possibilities they see in a wide range of career options.

“I learned at Quinnipiac that to be a chemist is to be a problem solver. This can apply to much more than just chemistry and I have brought that knowledge into all areas of my life, including my business.”
Eric Weinstein ’90
President & CEO, Laboratory Synergy, LLC


Successful outcomes

Ninety-nine percent of the Class of 2016 was either employed or in graduate school 6 months after graduation.